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Jewish Review of Books Their Crowd 15 Jul
"Their Crowd" by Daniel Schulman is a detailed history of Jewish financiers in America, focusing on Joseph Seligman and Jacob Schiff. Seligman, an influentia...
15 Jul
Jewish Review of Books Legitimacy of Hope 9 Jul
In "Israel/Palestine in World Religions: Whose Palestine?" by S. Ilan Troen, the author delves into the complexities surrounding Israel's legitimacy, discuss...
9 Jul
Jewish Review of Books Between Antisemites and Zionists: The Path of Alfred Wiener 26 Apr
"Between Antisemites and Zionists: The Path of Alfred Wiener" by Daniel Finkelstein offers a compelling narrative about Alfred Wiener, founder of the Wiener ...
26 Apr
Jewish Review of Books Atah Manhig: A Life in Reform Judaism 14 Feb
"Atah Manhig: A Life in Reform Judaism" is a new book by Lance J. Sussman, a recently retired rabbi of a large Reform congregation in Philadelphia. The book ...
14 Feb
Jewish Review of Books Stuck in the Middle 23 Jan
In "Stuck in the Middle," Pierre Birnbaum, a prominent Jewish historian, explores the history of right-wing antisemitism in the United States. He argues that...
23 Jan
Jewish Review of Books Then and Now: Two Wars 7 Nov 2023
This article discusses the contrasting experiences of two wars: the Yom Kippur War in Israel in 1973 and World War I. The author reflects on the dedication o...
7 Nov 2023
Jewish Review of Books Kidnapped! 26 Sep 2023
In the book "Kidnapped!" by Motti Inbari, the author explores the story of Ruth Ben David, a French convert to Judaism, who was involved in the kidnapping of...
26 Sep 2023
Jewish Review of Books Solidarity and Democracy 10 Jul 2023
The lack of a constitution in the Israeli political system has been a subject of debate. Nir Kedar, an Israeli law professor, argues that David Ben-Gurion, t...
10 Jul 2023
Jewish Review of Books When Canines Were in the Land 18 Apr 2023
"When Canines Were in the Land" is a book edited by Susan Martha Kahn that tells the story of Rudolphina Menzel, a scientist and Zionist who played a signifi...
18 Apr 2023
Jewish Review of Books A Rejoinder 15 Mar 2023
This text is a response to Eric Alterman's book "We Are Not One" by an unnamed author. The responder criticizes Alterman's approach to history, arguing that ...
15 Mar 2023