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Forward How a bestselling book became an unlikely lightning rod in literary fights over the Israel-Hamas war 23 Jul
Author Gabrielle Zevin's bestselling book "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" has gained immense popularity but stirred controversy due to accusations of ...
23 Jul
JTA How Gabrielle Zevin’s ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow’ became an unlikely lightning rod in literary fights over the Israel-Hamas war 23 Jul
Gabrielle Zevin's novel "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow," a bestseller for two years, recently faced controversy due to accusations from pro-Palestinia...
23 Jul
JTA 2 incarcerated men wanted to convert to Judaism. This rabbi helped them do it. 18 Jul
Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp assisted two incarcerated men, Ari Kingsman and Joshua Phillips, in their journey to convert to Judaism within the Monroe Correction...
18 Jul
JTA Jewish Emmy nominees include Larry David and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ in a last hurrah 17 Jul
The final season of Larry David's long-running HBO sitcom "Curb Your Enthusiasm" received four Emmy nominations, including best comedy and best actor for Dav...
17 Jul
Forward Russia sentences Jewish writer Masha Gessen to prison in absentia for comments on Ukraine war 16 Jul
Russian court has sentenced the prominent Russian-Jewish writer Masha Gessen to eight years in prison in absentia for comments made about Russia's actions in...
16 Jul
JTA When Portland charities condemned Israel, Jewish philanthropy was put to the test 14 Jul
In Portland, Oregon, a rift arose in Jewish philanthropy when the Oregon Food Bank issued a statement criticizing Israel's actions in Gaza during the Israel-...
14 Jul
JTA Anne Frank statue in Amsterdam tagged with ‘Gaza’ graffiti 10 Jul
A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was defaced with the word "Gaza" painted in red on its base, sparking condemnation from Mayor Femke Halsema and an invest...
10 Jul
Forward London gallery cancels Russian-Israeli artist’s anti-Putin show, objecting to her posts mourning Oct. 7 8 Jul
The London gallery Metamorphika canceled an exhibition titled "Even Elephants Have Elections," which aimed to address censorship under Vladimir Putin, due to...
8 Jul
JTA Dept. of Education chides Brown University for taking ‘no or little action’ in response to complaints of antisemitism 8 Jul
The U.S. Department of Education criticized Brown University for its lack of response to complaints of antisemitism, anti-Palestinian, and anti-Muslim harass...
8 Jul
JTA 7 arrested in Greece following attacks on a synagogue and Israeli-owned hotel 5 Jul
Greek authorities arrested and charged seven individuals for separate attacks on a synagogue and an Israeli-owned hotel in Athens. These incidents are part o...
5 Jul