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Ami ANC R.I.P.? // Are racism and anti-Israelism on the wane in South Africa? 10 Jun
The article discusses the current state of racism and anti-Israel sentiment in South Africa, particularly within the ruling African National Congress (ANC) p...
10 Jun
Ami Contextualizing the Holocaust // Public school kids need a broader perspective 5 Jun
The text discusses the importance of Holocaust education in the United States, highlighting the lack of knowledge among Americans regarding the Holocaust. It...
5 Jun
Ami Hamas’ Past… and Plans // The New York Times Publishes Something Important 29 May
The article discusses the oppressive rule of Hamas in Gaza as highlighted in a New York Times report based on internal Hamas documents found by Israeli force...
29 May
Ami Bombs Away // Is the president Israel’s friend or foe? 22 May
President Biden's recent actions regarding arms sales to Israel have raised questions about his stance on the country's defense. Despite pausing a bomb shipm...
22 May
Ami Cheap Shot // Photos can miss what’s really at stake 15 May
In a recent New York Times column, Nicholas Kristof criticized Israel's actions in Gaza, highlighting the death of a Gazan boy due to malnutrition. While the...
15 May
Ami A Woke-Up Call for NPR  // CEO huffily hits the snooze button 8 May
A former senior editor at NPR, Uri Berliner, critiqued the network in an article, pointing out a perceived shift towards promoting progressive ideals over ob...
8 May
Ami Sinister Syndromes // Rebellious Russians and US diplomats, beware! 10 Apr
The text discusses the pattern of mysterious deaths, known as Sudden Russian Death Syndrome (SRDS), involving individuals critical of Russian President Vladi...
10 Apr
Ami Sinister Syndromes // Rebellious Russians and US diplomats, beware! 10 Apr
Sinister Syndromes discusses the "Sudden Russian Death Syndrome," detailing mysterious deaths of individuals critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In...
10 Apr
Ami One-State Delusion // Someone, please, shake Peter Beinart awake! 3 Apr
Peter Beinart, known for his evolving views on Israel, currently advocates for a one-state solution replacing Israel with a bi-national Jewish/Arab state, at...
3 Apr
Ami Site Unseen // (A little) progress at The Time 27 Mar
The author discusses the challenges faced by The New York Times in accurately portraying the significance of the Temple Mount in Judaism. The writer criticiz...
27 Mar