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Tablet Fran Lebowitz Wasn’t Kidding 25 Jun
Fran Lebowitz, known for her witty and critical writing, playfully mocks her readers in her essays, particularly in "Metropolitan Life" and "Social Studies,"...
25 Jun
Tablet Why the Western Rebellion Against the Jews Produces Bad Art and Bad Politics 4 Jun
The text discusses how the recent right-wing trend towards transgression in moral, political, and aesthetic spheres has resulted in unimpressive art and poli...
4 Jun
Tablet Why Gays (and Others) Should Still Read ‘Faggots’ 31 May
"Faggots" by Larry Kramer is a satirical novel set in the pre-AIDS gay scene in New York and delves into the lives of characters like Abe Bronstein and Fred ...
31 May
Tablet Susan Sontag’s Funny! Sexy! Sad! Magnum Opus Threatens to Upend Our Democracy 23 Jan
Susan Sontag's novel, The Volcano Lover, is a complex and fragmented work that combines various forms of writing and explores themes of history, collecting, ...
23 Jan
Tablet The South’s Jewish Proust 7 Sep 2023
Shelby Foote, a prominent American writer, is often recognized for his extensive trilogy on the Civil War. Despite his Jewish heritage on his mother's side, ...
7 Sep 2023
Tablet Lament for Susan 17 Jul 2023
Lament for Susan is an article discussing the phenomenon of neglected authors being revived and praised by the New York Review of Books (NYRB). The author qu...
17 Jul 2023
Tablet The New Abnormal 28 Jun 2023
Aaron Kheriaty's book, "The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State," criticizes the COVID-era regime of lockdowns, controls, and censorship....
28 Jun 2023
Tablet How Hannah Arendt’s Zionism Helped Create American Gay Identity 10 May 2023
Hannah Arendt, a Jewish philosopher, played a significant role in the creation of American gay identity through her influence on her student, Michael Denneny...
10 May 2023
Tablet The Long Goodbye 14 Apr 2023
The text discusses the writings of essayist Andrea Long Chu, who gained attention for her essays on topics such as transitioning and femininity. The author a...
14 Apr 2023
Tablet The Inner Life of Gender 27 Mar 2023
The article discusses the concept of gender and its ideological implications. It explores how gender has become a prominent aspect of identity and how it is ...
27 Mar 2023