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Tablet Cottage Cheese Makes a Comeback 7 Jun
Cottage cheese, a long-standing Jewish staple, plays a significant role in Shavuot recipes due to its dairy nature symbolizing the nourishing aspect of the T...
7 Jun
Tablet A Second Exile 22 Jan
The article discusses the experiences of Israelis who were displaced from their homes during the 2005 disengagement from Gaza and the recent conflict with Ha...
22 Jan
Tablet Fighting Back With Comedy 14 Nov 2023
Israeli comedians, such as Almog Shur and Matan Peretz, are using humor to fight back against Hamas and share a pro-Israeli message. Shur's videos on TikTok ...
14 Nov 2023
Tablet The Survivors’ Temple 19 Sep 2023
This personal essay reflects on the experiences of the author's survivor parents attending a High Holidays-only prayer community at the Riverside Plaza Hotel...
19 Sep 2023
Tablet How They Lived 21 Aug 2023
This article describes the author's search for information about her grandmothers, who were Holocaust victims. Despite finding limited information about thei...
21 Aug 2023
Tablet A Stitch in Time 15 Mar 2023
The author reflects on the recently discovered hidden treasures of Jews who died in the Holocaust, contrasting them with her own grandmother's embroidered ta...
15 Mar 2023
Tablet Picturing a Lost World 6 Jan 2023
The author reflects on the questions about the lives of European Jews who perished in the Holocaust, particularly those from their parents' hometowns. They d...
6 Jan 2023
Tablet The Stories She Never Told 2 Nov 2022
"The Stories She Never Told" is a personal reflection on the author's mother's reluctance to speak about her own life. The author discusses how her mother's ...
2 Nov 2022
Tablet My Grandparents’ Impossible Situation 16 Sep 2022
The author recounts their realization as a child that their grandparents' situation was odd, with their "step-grandmother" not fitting in with their biologic...
16 Sep 2022
Tablet The Joy of Sour Cream 31 May 2022
Sour cream holds a special place in Jewish cuisine, with a variety of dishes commonly topped or mixed with it. The origins of sour cream can be traced back t...
31 May 2022