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Mishpacha Inbox: Issue 1021 23 Jul
The text features a debate regarding the workload comparison between yeshivah bochurim and frum Jewish mothers, particularly in relation to the issue of vapi...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Caught in the Crossfire 23 Jul
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees his upcoming visit to the United States as crucial for securing American support, which he views as vital for ...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Parshas Pinchas: Gift of the Year 23 Jul
In Parshas Pinchas, the Torah emphasizes the significance of counting Bnei Yisrael, highlighting two types of counting: a mere tally and a deeper, meaningful...
23 Jul
Mishpacha IDA — The “I Don’t Argue” Rule 23 Jul
The article discusses the concept of arguments in relationships and introduces the "I Don't Argue" (IDA) rule as a way to foster peace and healthier interact...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Mood Mix with Rabbi Moshe Blaustein 23 Jul
Rabbi Moshe Blaustein, known for his work in Jewish music and as a rebbi and camp director at Camp Agudah Toronto, shares insights into the power of songs an...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Blue Screen 23 Jul
CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company, inadvertently caused global chaos when a faulty software update crashed systems worldwide, affecting millions of Window...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Chapter 16: Flying High  23 Jul
The text discusses a scenario on a plane where a woman exhibits symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection. The protagonist, a doctor, ...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Lie of the Land: Chapter 7     23 Jul
When Gabe arrives in the bustling city after a period of mourning, he reconnects with an old colleague, Connor, in Midtown who invites him to join a magazine...
23 Jul
Mishpacha For Granted: Chapter 51    23 Jul
Ayala returns home after three weeks away to find her family managing fine without her, which leaves her feeling unsettled. She reflects on the challenges of...
23 Jul
Mishpacha Working Miracles in His Sleep   23 Jul
The article tells the story of Yehuda Leib Greenwald, a healthy and happy man who suddenly passed away, leaving his family in shock. Amidst their grief, they...
23 Jul