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Forward Joe Biden was a remarkable president for Israel — and very likely the last of his kind 21 Jul
Joe Biden is highlighted as a unique U.S. president in terms of his positive relationship with Israel, heralding an era possibly coming to an end. Biden, a s...
21 Jul
Forward Can Israel survive implementing the Haredi draft? 21 Jul
Israel is facing a major challenge as the Israel Defense Forces prepare to draft Haredi men, a move that threatens the survival of Prime Minister Benjamin Ne...
21 Jul
Forward JD Vance is a huge fan of Israel's Yoram Hazony. What might that mean for America? 16 Jul
J.D. Vance, a prominent American politician and Trump's potential vice-presidential pick, has expressed admiration for Israeli political theorist Yoram Hazon...
16 Jul
Forward The IDF's first investigation into Oct. 7 should be a death knell for Israel's government 13 Jul
The column discusses the IDF's first investigation into the events of Oct. 7, highlighting a severe failure in leadership during a Hamas attack on Kibbutz Be...
13 Jul
Forward Why don't ceasefire talks ever go anywhere? Ask Netanyahu. 9 Jul
Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas repeatedly break down as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to end the war in exchange for the release of hos...
9 Jul
Forward What would Biden’s potential replacements mean for Israel? 30 Jun
The discussion surrounding potential replacements for President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee could have significant implications for Israel. Biden has...
30 Jun
Forward As ceasefire talks continue and protests rage, here are the five biggest questions facing Israel 22 Jun
Israel is facing significant challenges as ceasefire talks continue and protests erupt, with questions surrounding the willingness of Hamas to agree to a cea...
22 Jun
Forward Israel can dig in — or declare victory and gain advantages 16 Jun
The article discusses the current situation in Israel, highlighting the potential choices facing the Israeli government. The main point is that there is a di...
16 Jun
Forward The hostage rescue brought unity to Israel — and underscored a great paradox about the country 9 Jun
A recent hostage rescue in Israel sparked a sense of unity but also highlighted the country's complex challenges. The successful mission, which unfortunately...
9 Jun
Forward Hamas' leaders hold Netanyahu's political future in their hands. The outcome will remake Israel 5 Jun
The article discusses how Hamas' decision regarding President Biden's ceasefire proposal could greatly impact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pol...
5 Jun