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Forward What if God is a Republican? An agnostic’s lament 24 Jul
Author Etgar Keret reflects on the idea of God possibly favoring Republicans, inspired by claims of divine intervention in former President Donald Trump's su...
24 Jul
Forward Roger Waters denied 10/7. Here's why Israeli radio should keep playing his songs. 9 Jul
Etgar Keret reflects on his personal connection to Pink Floyd's song "Wish You Were Here" and debates whether Israeli radio stations should stop playing Roge...
9 Jul
Forward Etgar Keret: AI thinks I wrote a number of novels that don't exist. So I tried to 15 Jun
Israeli writer Etgar Keret explores interactions with AI, where he discovers the AI believes he has written several non-existent books about strange and intr...
15 Jun
Tablet Every Generation 14 Apr 2022
This text is a personal reflection about the experience of the author's father dying while he was a child. The author recalls the day they were informed of t...
14 Apr 2022
Tablet The Upgraded Me 13 Jul 2021
The author reflects on their love for pictures that depict an upgraded version of themselves, one that is smarter, more attractive, and more successful. They...
13 Jul 2021
Tablet ‘Shoes’: Fiction From the Israeli Master of the Short Story 16 Oct 2015
The excerpt portrays a young boy on a school trip to a Holocaust museum where he grapples with his personal connection to the Holocaust. The boy's defiance o...
16 Oct 2015
Tablet Why Netanyahu Is No Churchill 18 Sep 2015
In a recent discussion comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Winston Churchill in handling the Iranian nuclear agreement, the article argues...
18 Sep 2015
Tablet Plague of the First Born 29 Mar 2015
In a recent conversation, author Etgar Keret expressed sympathy for the Egyptians in the Passover story, highlighting their suffering before ultimately drown...
29 Mar 2015
Tablet Strangers in Their Own Country 23 Dec 2014
In this thought-provoking piece, the author reflects on the feeling of being a stranger in one's own country, a sentiment experienced by individuals when the...
23 Dec 2014
Tablet It’s Never Too Late To Atone 30 Sep 2014
The author reflects on how Yom Kippur, despite being a somber and solitary holiday, holds a unique significance as a time for personal reflection and atoneme...
30 Sep 2014