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Lilith A Kaddish in Havana 10 Jun
This text recounts a group of tourists, including some Jewish people, reciting the Kaddish prayer for Bella Terner, a Polish Jewish woman who settled in Cuba...
10 Jun
Lilith Elegy for a Mentor 30 May
The author reflects on her experience as a student at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the early 1970s, where she found an unexpected mentor in Loui...
30 May
Lilith The Cutting Room: Joan Didion is Helping Me Process This War 13 May
The article reflects on how Joan Didion's writings and approach to processing crises, particularly through the structure of narratives, have provided a frame...
13 May
Lilith The One Who Doesn’t Know How to Ask 6 May
The author reflects on the parallels between the Passover story of liberation and the struggles faced by those undergoing infertility treatments, highlightin...
6 May
Lilith Wabi-Sabi 3 May
Miriam, a photographer facing terminal illness, reflects on the impermanence of life using the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty in imperfection ...
3 May
Lilith Honoring Queen Esther’s Secret Self 21 Mar
The author of the text reflects on their decision to adopt the name Hadassah instead of Esther in honor of Queen Esther's hidden self and feminist values. Th...
21 Mar
Lilith A New Set of Rituals for Abortion and Pregnancy Loss 1 Feb
The lack of ritual and liturgy in mainstream Judaism for experiences specific to women, such as menstruation, miscarriage, and mammograms, is a frustration f...
1 Feb
Lilith Two Jews, Three Opinions in the Age of Online Rage 28 Jan
The article discusses the phenomenon of Jews attacking each other on online platforms, particularly in relation to the war in Gaza and issues related to Isra...
28 Jan
Lilith Mrs. Dalloway in Jerusalem, 2023 25 Jan
The author reflects on the experience of their daughter, who is serving in the Israeli army while also reading the novel Mrs. Dalloway. The mention of the ch...
25 Jan
Lilith We Meet at the Well: Miriam, Hagar and Me 23 Jan
In this personal essay, the author reflects on their connection to the biblical figures of Miriam and Hagar and their own experiences as a Jew from the South...
23 Jan