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JTA What Jewish life looks like for teens from Iceland to Beijing, where the Jewish communities are small and antisemitism is high 13 Jun
Jewish life for teens in small communities from Iceland to Beijing involves navigating unique challenges such as heightened antisemitism and limited Jewish r...
13 Jun
JTA As MLB veteran Kevin Pillar enjoys a late-career resurgence in LA, he’s come to appreciate his place as a Jewish baseball star 11 Jun
MLB veteran Kevin Pillar, currently enjoying success with the L.A. Angels, reflects on his identity as a Jewish baseball player. Growing up celebrating both ...
11 Jun
JTA LA’s Academy Museum to revise exhibit on Jewish founders after criticism from Jewish Hollywood figures 10 Jun
The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles faced criticism from Jewish Hollywood figures for its exhibit on Jewish founders in Hollywood, with some...
10 Jun
JTA The Jewish Sport Report: This Jewish publicist is Hall of Fame-bound 7 Jun
Orthodox MLB prospect Jacob Steinmetz has been impressing with his performance in Single A baseball. Meanwhile, veteran publicist Fred Sternburg, known for r...
7 Jun
JTA Some Jewish groups protest Biden’s executive order on immigration, but others are staying silent 6 Jun
Some Jewish groups have criticized President Biden's executive order closing the U.S.-Mexico border to asylum seekers, noting the historical parallels with p...
6 Jun
JTA Jewish publicist and noted ‘good guy’ Fred Sternburg joins the International Boxing Hall of Fame 6 Jun
Fred Sternburg, a Jewish publicist known for his work in boxing and Judaism, has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Sternburg, who has...
6 Jun
JTA Hulu’s ‘Clipped’ dramatizes the real story of Jewish LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s sordid downfall 4 Jun
The Hulu miniseries "Clipped" dramatizes the story of former Jewish L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling's downfall, focusing on his lifetime ban from the NBA...
4 Jun
JTA After ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ AI graphic goes megaviral, pro-Israel rebuttals proliferate 31 May
A highly shared AI graphic titled "All Eyes on Rafah" depicting a tent city sparked a debate on social media about the Israel-Hamas conflict, with pro-Israel...
31 May
JTA The Jewish Sport Report: Is this the year Max Fried finally wins the Cy Young? 31 May
Max Fried, the Atlanta Braves pitcher, is having a standout season with impressive statistics and performances, potentially putting him in the running for th...
31 May
JTA How this Jewish Chicago day school pulled off a last-minute, multi-generational Israel service trip 29 May
Chicago Jewish Day School's annual Israel trip for eighth-graders was threatened due to the Israel-Hamas war and cancelations by IsraelNow. Despite challenge...
29 May