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Forward Will NYC become the largest city in America calling for a ceasefire? 11 Jun
The New York City Council is considering a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza to promote peace and safety for all. The resolution, supported by some ...
11 Jun
Forward AOC: ‘Antisemitism is an assault on our values’ 10 Jun
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emphasized in a livestream that antisemitism undermines both American and progressive values, acknowledging that some criticism...
10 Jun
Forward Benny Gantz walked out. Will Netanyahu survive? 10 Jun
Benny Gantz, a key figure in the Israeli war cabinet, has resigned, leading to speculation on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will survive politica...
10 Jun
Forward With Gantz resignation, Netanyahu loses centrist partner at pivotal moment in the war. Will anything change? 9 Jun
Benny Gantz, a key moderate figure in the Israeli government, resigned, leaving Netanyahu without a centrist partner and potentially leading to early electio...
9 Jun
Forward Analysis: It’s not working with Netanyahu. Can Biden find a better Israeli partner for peace? 5 Jun
President Joe Biden is facing challenges working with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to differences in their visions for peace in the region, ...
5 Jun
Forward ‘Bring them home’ chants replace usual festive mood at New York’s annual parade for Israel 2 Jun
During New York's annual Israel Parade, the traditional festive atmosphere was replaced by chants of "Bring them home" in a show of solidarity for hostages h...
2 Jun
Forward Analysis: After hesitating, why did Miriam Adelson just commit more than $100,000 to Trump's campaign? 30 May
Miriam Adelson, wife of the late Sheldon Adelson, who previously remained neutral in the Republican primaries, has pledged over $100 million to support forme...
30 May
Forward Jamaal Bowman, an increasingly sharp critic of Israel, wins Socialists’ endorsement 29 May
Rep. Jamaal Bowman, known for his increasing criticism of Israel, recently won the endorsement of the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of A...
29 May
Forward Analysis: The risks and rewards of inviting Netanyahu to address Congress 23 May
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been invited to address a joint session of Congress, causing a divide among Democrats. While some criticize Net...
23 May
Forward ‘This is why you earned an F’: Stefanik grills Northwestern’s Jewish president over campus antisemitism 23 May
Rep. Elise Stefanik grilled Northwestern University's Jewish president, Michael Schill, over the handling of campus antisemitism, which included a deal with ...
23 May