Joshua Hoffman

Joshua Hoffman is a 35-year-old entrepreneur and author, born and raised in Los Angeles, and living in Tel Aviv since 2013. He runs the digital platform Future of Jewish ( and has written three books, one about Israel and two about the Jewish world. The latest is called “Journeys of the Jewish Spirit” which is available on Amazon.

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Future of Jewish How the Media Manipulates Your Israeli-Palestinian Opinions 14 Jun
The text discusses how mainstream media and social media often manipulate Israeli-Palestinian opinions by crafting narratives that maximize attention and out...
14 Jun
Future of Jewish The Mysterious Psychology of Self-Hating Jews 13 Jun
The text discusses the intriguing phenomenon of self-hating Jews, noting that even Jews can hold antisemitic views. It delves into the historical context of ...
13 Jun
Future of Jewish Will you support our mission please? 12 Jun
Future of Jewish is a free digital publication aiming to educate and inspire individuals about Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish world. With a team based in Is...
12 Jun
Future of Jewish The Two Ways to Think About Hamas 12 Jun
The Future of Jewish newsletter delves into the complex nature of Hamas, highlighting not only its genocidal and antisemitic tendencies but also shedding lig...
12 Jun
Future of Jewish The Long and Complicated Road to Israel's So-Called 'Total Victory' 11 Jun
The text discusses the challenges Israel faces in achieving a so-called "total victory" over Hamas and other adversaries due to complex geopolitics and inter...
11 Jun
Future of Jewish The Israel-Hamas war is not a war between Israel and Hamas. 10 Jun
The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is framed as a larger battle representing the Muslim Brotherhood versus the Western world, with Israel position...
10 Jun
Future of Jewish Israel just reminded the world who it is. 9 Jun
Israeli forces successfully rescued four hostages from Hamas captivity in a daring operation in the Gaza Strip. The rescue involved sophisticated tactics, su...
9 Jun
Future of Jewish Will you support our mission please? 8 Jun
Future of Jewish, a digital publication focused on Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish world, has made its content free to reach a wider audience worldwide. With...
8 Jun
Future of Jewish Recipe for Failure: Stop fighting Jew-haters with facts. 7 Jun
The article discusses the complexity of combatting antisemitism with facts alone, highlighting that the phenomenon is deeply rooted in emotions, cultural nar...
7 Jun
Future of Jewish An Open Letter to 'Pro-Palestinian' Influencers 6 Jun
The text is an open letter addressed to 'Pro-Palestinian' social media influencers, commending their passionate advocacy for the Palestinian cause through pl...
6 Jun