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JTA This Jewish gynecologist saved hundreds of pregnant women’s lives in Auschwitz 24 Jul
Dr. Gisella Perl, a Jewish gynecologist in Auschwitz, performed clandestine abortions to save pregnant women from deadly experiments under Dr. Josef Mengele,...
24 Jul
JTA The Borscht Belt Festival, honoring the Jewish Catskills, is bigger and broader this year 23 Jul
The second annual Borscht Belt Festival, organized by the Borscht Belt Museum in the Catskills, will feature comedy, food, music, and storytelling from July ...
23 Jul
JTA Barney Greengrass, popular UWS deli, collaborates with an unlikely partner: Nordstrom 19 Jul
Nordstrom, the department store, has teamed up with iconic Jewish deli Barney Greengrass in a joint advertising campaign as part of Nordstrom's For Everythin...
19 Jul
JTA YIVO exhibit illuminates a diary kept by a 13-year-old boy in the Vilna ghetto 17 Jul
Yitskhok Rudashevski, a 13-year-old Jewish boy in Vilna, began a diary in June 1941, detailing life in the ghetto as comfort and joy diminished due to war. Y...
17 Jul
JTA Jewish New Yorkers remember Dr. Ruth Westheimer as one of their own 16 Jul
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, known for her sex therapy advice and survivor of the Holocaust, passed away at age 96, leaving a lasting impact on New York's Jewish com...
16 Jul
JTA Jewish chef behind ‘By Chloe’ vegan chain to open a new restaurant in a fresh start 12 Jul
Jewish chef Chloe Coscarelli, known for her vegan and kosher cuisine, is set to open a new restaurant named Chloe in Greenwich Village, following legal battl...
12 Jul
JTA NYU settles suit brought by Jewish students who claimed discrimination in wake of Oct. 7 10 Jul
New York University settled a discrimination lawsuit brought by Jewish undergraduate students following incidents of antisemitism on campus by paying the pla...
10 Jul
JTA A new memoir, ‘The Punk Rock Queen of the Jews,’ explores traumatic teenage years in Hasidic Crown Heights 8 Jul
"The Punk Rock Queen of the Jews" is a memoir by Chef Rossi that delves into her turbulent teenage years in Hasidic Crown Heights. Growing up in a challengin...
8 Jul
JTA Andy Cohen offers advice to pro-Israel influencers at a New York strategy conference 3 Jul
Andy Cohen delivered advice to pro-Israel influencers at a New York conference focusing on combatting online hate and promoting Jewish representation. Influe...
3 Jul
JTA Feeling excluded from this year’s NYC Dyke March, Jewish lesbians host their own Pride party 1 Jul
Feeling excluded from the New York City Dyke March due to its anti-Israel stance, Jewish lesbians organized their own inclusive event called Shalom Dykes, fe...
1 Jul