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Future of Jewish News Flash: If you hate most Jews, you are a Nazi. 9 Jun
The essay discusses the issue of equating hatred of Jews with Nazism, focusing on the anti-Semitic nature of hating Zionists and Israel. It highlights the fl...
9 Jun
Future of Jewish Whitewashing Jews: A Practice in Politically Correct Antisemitism 4 Jun
The essay discusses the issue of whitewashing Jews and challenges the misconception that all Jews are white. It emphasizes that Judaism is not just a religio...
4 Jun
Future of Jewish The (Shameful) Privilege of Being 'Anti-War' 29 May
The essay explores the complex concept of being "anti-war," emphasizing the paradoxical nature of absolute pacifism in a world where violence and warfare hav...
29 May
Future of Jewish Enough of the 'social justice' Passover Seders. 19 Apr
The essay discusses the author's contrasting experiences at Passover Seders, one focusing on social justice and the other on traditional Jewish practices. Th...
19 Apr