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Forward Is ‘Momala’ Kamala Harris’ new viral meme moment?' 24 Jul
The text discusses the recent viral trend of calling Kamala Harris "Momala," a nickname given by her stepchildren that has become popular in online circles. ...
24 Jul
Forward On its final night, the RNC abandons religious diversity 19 Jul
The Republican National Convention (RNC) initially showcased social liberalism with diverse prayers and speakers touching on LGBTQ rights and other issues. H...
19 Jul
Forward The RNC is trying to sell big tent Republicanism — but the tent is still Christian 18 Jul
The Republican National Convention (RNC) showcased a mix of speakers from diverse backgrounds like Sikh and Jewish individuals while emphasizing Christian ic...
18 Jul
Forward Seeing Trump's failed assassination as a sign of God's favor is a very biblical mistake 15 Jul
After surviving an attempted assassination, former President Donald Trump and his followers interpreted the event as a sign of God's favor, likening Trump to...
15 Jul
Forward What happens when pro-Palestinian symbols become fast fashion? 12 Jul
The article delves into the intersection of fashion and political activism within the pro-Palestinian movement, highlighting the increasing trendiness of wea...
12 Jul
Forward In groundbreaking new policy, Facebook says calling someone a 'Zionist pig' is antisemitic 9 Jul
Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has updated its policy to classify the term "Zionist" as hate speech when used in specific contexts like ...
9 Jul
Forward Must Jews be defined by trauma? Taffy Brodesser-Akner's sharp new novel offers a surprising answer 8 Jul
In Taffy Brodesser-Akner's novel "Long Island Compromise," a multi-generational Jewish family grapples with the aftermath of trauma, notably a kidnapping tha...
8 Jul
Forward Talmudic wisdom holds Trump to a higher standard than the Supreme Court 1 Jul
The article discusses the comparison between Talmudic teachings and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the legal liability and responsibilities of l...
1 Jul
Forward How Gaza became an online clapback to anything (and I mean anything) you disagree with 27 Jun
The text discusses how references to the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza have become a common response online to various unrelated discussions, serving as a wa...
27 Jun
Forward I’m losing my religion — thanks to the war. Can Jewish tradition guide me? 26 Jun
A Jewish individual grappling with their faith in light of the war in Gaza seeks guidance on the teachings of Judaism regarding war, morality, and proportion...
26 Jun