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Moment B’Ivrit | Desperate for Some Good News, Israelis Cling to Heroic Hostage Rescue Story 10 Jun
Israeli media coverage of a recent hostage rescue operation in Gaza has captivated the nation, with TV anchors shedding tears of joy on air and newspapers fe...
10 Jun
Moment Decision Time in the Middle East 3 Jun
President Joe Biden delivered a speech outlining a proposed deal to end the Gaza war, putting pressure on both Hamas and Israel to accept it. Biden urged Ham...
3 Jun
Moment Could Gallant and Gantz Deliver for Biden? 20 May
President Biden has faced challenges trying to influence Israeli policies, particularly regarding Gaza and Netanyahu's government. Despite efforts to provide...
20 May
Moment B’Ivrit | The Israeli Press Doesn’t Know What to Do About Biden 13 May
In Moments' BIvrit column, the Israeli press coverage of varying news themes is highlighted. The article discusses how the media in Israel navigates reportin...
13 May
Moment Five Players in the Campus Protest Showdown 6 May
As campus protests concerning Israel and Palestine escalate, President Joe Biden finds himself torn between protecting free speech and countering antisemitis...
6 May
Moment Iran Tests the U.S.-Israel Alliance 15 Apr
The article discusses Iran's recent attack on Israel and the subsequent response from the U.S.-Israel alliance. The attack, largely intercepted by Israel wit...
15 Apr
Moment B’Ivrit | Israeli Media Covers Anniversary of a Half-Year at War 9 Apr
Israeli media coverage of the ongoing Gaza war focused on the somber six-month anniversary of the conflict, featuring stories of loss, grief, and criticism o...
9 Apr
Moment Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste 1 Apr
Tensions between the U.S. and Israel peaked recently when the U.S. allowed a UN Security Council resolution on a cease-fire to pass without veto, leading to ...
1 Apr
Moment Is Chuck Schumer Playing Bad Cop for Biden? 18 Mar
Senator Chuck Schumer recently made a significant public statement calling for new elections in Israel amid concerns over the country's direction and leaders...
18 Mar
Moment B’Ivrit | Haredim, Gaza Coverage, Eurovision 12 Mar
The Israeli media is currently focused on several key topics, including the debate over military service exemptions for members of the ultra-Orthodox communi...
12 Mar