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The Free Press American Education’s Dirty Little Secret. Plus. . . 13 Jun
American public schools are facing scrutiny for incorporating controversial curriculum materials without official oversight or approval, sparking concern amo...
13 Jun
The Free Press Hamas, Hostages, and Heroes. Plus. . . 10 Jun
Over a dramatic weekend in Israel, the IDF successfully rescued four hostages in Gaza, generating euphoria followed by mourning for a fallen officer. Benny G...
10 Jun
The Free Press Bad Boys: Whatcha Gonna Do? Plus. . . 5 Jun
The text discusses allegations and controversies surrounding Sean "Diddy" Combs and Hunter Biden. Sean Combs faces accusations of assault and mistreatment of...
5 Jun
The Free Press ‘I Helped Standing Rock Go Viral. Now I Regret It.’ Plus. . . 28 May
Lucy Biggers, a former social media producer, reflects on her role in promoting the "omnicause" through viral content creation, where various social justice ...
28 May
The Free Press Martin Gurri on the Revenge of the Normies. Plus. . . 21 May
Martin Gurri discusses the ongoing political conflict between ordinary people (normies) who uphold democratic principles and elites who seek to impose contro...
21 May
The Free Press Barron Trump: American Caesar? Plus. . . 2 May
The text discusses various topics including a Gaza encampment at a college campus, the perceived future role of Barron Trump as an American Caesar according ...
2 May