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Ami The Rebbe’s Shliach // In Memoriam Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky 1949—2024 10 Jun
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, a prominent figure in Chabad-Lubavitch and vice chairman of Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch, passed away at 74, leaving a significant legacy ...
10 Jun
Ami Dissecting Trump’s Guilty Verdict // A conversation with CNN senior legal analyst and former federal and state prosecutor Elie Honig 5 Jun
Former President Donald Trump has been convicted of falsifying documents in a New York court, marking the first time a former US president has been found gui...
5 Jun
Ami Israel in the World Court // A conversation with International Law Professor Yuval Shany 29 May
Israel has been facing legal battles alongside military conflicts, including a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding Israel's actions...
29 May
Ami RebuidIng the Shul of Reb Shayale Kerestirer // A conversation with his descendant, Reb Mendel Rubin 22 May
Reb Mendel Rubin discusses the rich history of his family's connection to Reb Shayale of Kerestir, a revered figure whose descendants are known as Reb Shayal...
22 May
Ami The Halachic Aspects of Lag Ba’Omer // A conversation with the renowned posek Rav Moshe Brandsdorfer 22 May
Renowned posek Rav Moshe Brandsdorfer discusses the halachic aspects of Lag BaOmer, addressing a query about visiting Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's kever in Mero...
22 May
Ami Fighting the Good Fight // A conversation with Congressman Anthony D’Esposito 15 May
Anthony P. DEsposito, a Republican Congressman representing New York's 4th Congressional District, has been vocal in his support for Israel, emphasizing the ...
15 May
Ami Standing Up // Benny Shaevsky Standing Up to Anti-Semitic Agitators 8 May
University of Michigan graduate Benny Shaevsky confronted pro-Hamas activists at his campus by removing an illegal poster criticizing Israel. The encounter w...
8 May
Ami Standing Up To Terrorist Sympathizers // A conversation with Florida political influencer and former NYPD cop John Cardillo 8 May
Former NYPD police officer and Florida political influencer John Cardillo stood up against pro-Hamas sympathizers at a Fort Lauderdale restaurant, leading to...
8 May
Ami The Deepening Crisis over Drafting the Talmidei HaYeshivos // A conversation with MK Moshe Shimon Roth 3 Apr
The current crisis in Israeli politics revolves around the draft of yeshivah students, following a High Court ruling in 2017 and subsequent failed attempts t...
3 Apr
Ami The Deepening Crisis over Drafting the Talmidei HaYeshivos // A conversation with MK Moshe Shimon Roth 3 Apr
The issue of drafting yeshivah students into the Israeli army has become a focal point in Israeli politics, with the High Court ruling the exemption for Tora...
3 Apr