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Jewish Table Chicken with Peppers (Pollo con Peperoni) 18 Jul
The text discusses a recipe for Chicken with Peppers (Pollo con Peperoni) from Portico. It seems to be a popular dish worth trying out.
18 Jul
Jewish Table Dilled Rice with Limas and Sugar Snaps 10 Jul
The text discusses a recipe for Dilled Rice with Limas and Sugar Snaps, which is a variation on a traditional Persian dish called Baghali polo. Persian cuisi...
10 Jul
Jewish Table Portico x Gertie Shabbat Dinner (7/12) 8 Jul
Leah from The Jewish Table newsletter is collaborating with Gertie, a popular Brooklyn Jewish diner, for a Shabbat dinner on July 12 featuring dishes from PO...
8 Jul
Jewish Table Fresh Tomato Juice Bloody Mary 2 Jul
The discussion revolves around the author's initial plan to share a recipe for a Jewish-inspired Bloody Mary, but following the recent presidential debate, t...
2 Jul
Jewish Table Behind the Scenes at The Fancy Food Show 27 Jun
The text discusses the author's experience at The Fancy Food Show, a multi-day trade show where specialty food producers gather. The author highlights the va...
27 Jun
Jewish Table On Disappointment 19 Jun
The author reflects on the disappointment of her cookbook, "Portico," not winning a James Beard Media Award despite high hopes and extensive efforts. She dra...
19 Jun
Jewish Table Grilled Chicken Skewers with Lemony Herby Drizzle 13 Jun
The newsletter shares personal reflections on parenting milestones and the joys of summer with family. It discusses the tradition of skewered foods in Jewish...
13 Jun
Jewish Table Pink Soup (Such a Stunner!) 5 Jun
Shavuot is discussed as an all-night holiday commemorating the giving of the Torah. While some celebrate with all-night study sessions, the writer prefers a ...
5 Jun
Jewish Table A Zucchini Pashtida You Can't Stop Making 30 May
The text discusses a new cookbook titled "The Jewish Holiday Table" that features diverse Jewish recipes and personal essays from around the world. The autho...
30 May
Jewish Table Sweet Cherry Quick Jam 22 May
The article discusses the author's enthusiasm for cherries and introduces a recipe for Sweet Cherry Quick Jam. Cherries have a prominent place in Jewish cuis...
22 May