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Tablet American by the Grace of God 3 Jul
The text explores the perspective of two immigrants, a Christian from Lebanon and a Jew from Israel, reflecting on their decision to come to America as an ac...
3 Jul
Tablet Israel’s Two Big Lies 2 Jul
In this critique, the author discusses two major lies affecting Israel. The first lie pertains to the conscription of Haredi men into the Israel Defense Forc...
2 Jul
Tablet Salman Rushdie’s Beautiful Revenge 19 Jun
In Salman Rushdie's "Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder," he reflects on his experience of being stabbed during a talk in Buffalo and the subsequen...
19 Jun
Tablet In the Mansion of the Camondos 4 Jun
The text discusses the life of Count Moise de Camondo, a wealthy Jewish collector and banker in 19th century Europe. It highlights his love for his library, ...
4 Jun
Tablet To Be on Everyone’s Side Is to Be on No One’s 19 Apr
The text discusses a panel where a participant grapples with feeling sympathy for both Israelis and Palestinians affected by conflict. The author argues that...
19 Apr
Tablet The Dune We Deserve 14 Mar
"Cyrus Field Willard created a utopian colony, Brotherhood, influenced by Edward Bellamy's novel. Franklin Patrick Herbert Jr., the author of 'Dune,' learned...
14 Mar
Tablet The Fraudulent Case Against ‘Violent Settlers’ 6 Feb
The article discusses the fraudulent case against violent settlers in the West Bank. It highlights how the U.S. Security Coordinator to Israel and the Palest...
6 Feb
Tablet ‘The Book of Clarence’ is a Raw, Funny Epistle about Faith 2 Feb
"The Book of Clarence" is a new film that takes place in Jerusalem in the year 33 A.D. and explores faith. The film features an all-Black cast and follows th...
2 Feb
Tablet A Masterpiece of Thought and Feeling 7 Dec 2023
Bernard-Henri Lévy's film, "Glory to the Heroes," is the third installment in his trilogy covering the war in Ukraine. The film portrays ordinary people in e...
7 Dec 2023
Tablet Happy Thanksgiving 2023. We’re Going to Be OK. 22 Nov 2023
In this article, the author argues that despite the current challenges faced by America, the country is going to be fine and even better than before. They ac...
22 Nov 2023