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Forward For French Jews, a choice between two widely divergent parties, each with a history of antisemitism 14 Jun
The recent European elections in France have posed a crucial question for the Jewish community regarding the impact on their future - as two notably differen...
14 Jun
Forward Behind a dramatic election in France, the rise of a new Jewish leader — and also antisemitism 10 Jun
In the recent French election for the European Parliament, the far-right Rassemblement National led by Marine Le Pen won, but the surprising resurgence of th...
10 Jun
Forward What Netanyahu says when he speaks French — and why it borders on obscenity 4 Jun
Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave an interview in French on TF1, where he compared the Israeli invasion of Gaza to the Allied landing at Normandy, invoking th...
4 Jun
Forward France would like to believe that an antisemitic arson attack was an aberration — history says otherwise 20 May
The recent antisemitic arson attack at a synagogue in Rouen, France, carried out by an Algerian citizen, has reignited concerns about rising antisemitism in ...
20 May
Forward Why 'Waiting for Godot' is an apt metaphor for Israeli and Palestinian history 17 Apr
"Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett serves as a poignant metaphor for the Israeli-Palestinian history due to its theme of waiting without resolution. The p...
17 Apr
Forward Why 'tragedy' is not the right word to describe the deadly strike on the World Central Kitchen convoy 7 Apr
The article discusses the Israeli drone strike on a World Central Kitchen convoy in Gaza and questions the use of the term "tragedy" to describe the event, s...
7 Apr
Forward A comedy about a vanishing Jewish community doesn't seem so funny right now 22 Feb
The French film "Le Dernier des Juifs" (The Last of the Jews), renamed "A Nice Jewish Boy," captures a comedic yet poignant moment in French Jewish history, ...
22 Feb
Forward A Jewish voice demanding liberty, equality and fraternity — in France and in Texas — has been silenced 11 Feb
Robert Badinter, a prominent French figure known for his advocacy against the death penalty and his commitment to the values of liberty, equality, and frater...
11 Feb
Forward 'Never has peace seemed so necessary and impossible' — Eva Illouz on the horrors of Oct. 7 and its aftermath 2 Feb
Eva Illouz, a renowned sociologist, discusses the profound impact of the Hamas massacre in Israel and the subsequent military response. Illouz shares her ini...
2 Feb
Forward In her search for truth, Hannah Arendt would have recognized the lies of Netanyahu, Putin and Trump 11 Jan
Hannah Arendt's book "Between Past and Future" emphasized the importance of thinking in an age where the past provides little guidance and the future offers ...
11 Jan