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Forward 'What Do I Do With All This Heritage?' A new play celebrates Asian Jewish America in all its diversity 10 Jun
"What Do I Do With All This Heritage?" is a new play by The Braid, a Jewish theater company in Los Angeles, celebrating Asian American Jews and their complex...
10 Jun
Forward 'What's Kosher?' An Indian-Jewish poet's take on memory, belonging, and her people's delicious history. 31 May
Zilka Joseph, an Indian Jewish poet, explores themes of memory, belonging, and her community's history in her poetry collection, focusing on the Bene Israel ...
31 May
Forward Queens College has been a model of Muslim-Jewish cooperation. Can it stay that way after Oct. 7? 17 May
Queens College in New York has been a positive model of Muslim-Jewish cooperation, with the MSA and Hillel fostering relationships among students despite dif...
17 May
Forward Columbia's campus is rocked by protests. The surrounding neighborhood? Not so much 25 Apr
Columbia University has been in the spotlight due to student protests supporting Palestine, leading to arrests, calls for the president's resignation, and na...
25 Apr
Forward No, your matzo doesn’t need to be drier than the Sinai Desert 18 Apr
The article explores the history and tradition of matzo, highlighting that traditionally, soft matzo was more common than the dry, cracker-like version typic...
18 Apr
Forward The Jewish soup that keeps people warm at the 'end of the universe' 29 Mar
Jonathan Richler, a Jewish chef in St. Johns, Canada, combines Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish flavors with Newfoundland cuisine in his dishes, merging tradit...
29 Mar
Forward 7 under-the-radar Purim treats you can get from NYC bakeries 21 Mar
In New York City, there are unique and lesser-known Purim treats to enjoy beyond the traditional Hamantaschen. Mansoura bakery offers exquisite Syrian-Egypti...
21 Mar
Forward Where can you find the best egg cream in the world? Not New York 18 Mar
The article discusses the contention surrounding the best egg cream drink, typically associated with New York but contested by Philadelphia's Franklin Founta...
18 Mar
Forward How to make your grandma’s brisket — and make it vegan 4 Mar
Micah Siva, a dietitian and recipe writer, has created a plant-forward approach to traditional Jewish cuisine in her book "Nosh: Plant-Forward Recipes Celebr...
4 Mar
Forward In a Romeo-and-Juliet musical set in WWII Shanghai, Chinese and Jewish refugees are star-crossed lovers 26 Feb
Set during WWII in Shanghai, "migr" is a Romeo-and-Juliet musical that explores the love story of a Chinese woman and a Jewish man against the backdrop of Je...
26 Feb