Tag: Chosen People

Jewish tradition encourages staying up all night studying Torah on Shavuot to rectify the mistake of the ancient Israelites oversleeping when receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.
The essay discusses how the concept of Jews as the "Chosen People" often triggers bigotry and anti-Semitism.
In the Winter 2023 issue of the Jewish Review of Books, editor Abraham Socher discusses an essay by Hillel Halkin that challenges the idea of Jews as the chosen people and questions whether Israel has failed to become a normal nation.
In this podcast episode, the concept of the chosen people is explored, focusing specifically on the idea of the Jewish soul.
Freud's controversial work "Moses and Monotheism" presents a reinterpreted history where Moses, an Egyptian noble and monotheist, unites the Israelites and introduces a new form of monotheistic religion.
Eric Hobsbawm, a prominent historian, was born in 1917 and was known for his strong commitment to communism, which significantly influenced his views on Judaism and Jewish history.