Shabbat times for June 14 to June 21 are provided for various locations in the UK, including London, Bournemouth, Leeds, Manchester, Gateshead, and Glasgow.
The text discusses the concept of whether we are currently living in messianic times, examining various perspectives and historical examples.
Awe, as described by psychologist Abraham Maslow, is a profound feeling of happiness and well-being triggered by grand and sublime experiences, often associated with moral beauty and acts of kindness.
Exploration of various unconventional concepts in the Torah portion Nasso involving potion, wine, and dreams with a diverse panel of guests on the Parshah Rabbit Hole.
Jewish tradition encourages staying up all night studying Torah on Shavuot to rectify the mistake of the ancient Israelites oversleeping when receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.
Mordechai Hager, founder and CEO of Regah Ventures, shared insights on Torah, business, and personal anecdotes with the interviewer.
This text discusses the enduring value of Torah compared to other investments and assets, using metaphors like the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies to illustrate the consistency of Torah's worth.
The author reflects on the experience of mourning a miscarriage alongside the celebration of Shavuot, drawing parallels between the loss of their unborn child and the miscarriage of the first tablets at Mount Sinai.
New York is celebrating Shavuot 2024 with a variety of events across the city.
The text explores the contrast between the absence of Moshe in the Passover Haggadah and his central role on Shavuot in mediating the giving of the Torah.
From June 7 to June 14, important Jewish observances include Shabbat and Shavuot timings.
The podcast episode "A Beautifully Jewish Shavuot" explores various ways of connecting with the Torah in celebration of Shavuot.
The text discusses the significance of Mount Sinai as the location where God gave the Torah to the Israelites, emphasizing its choice as a public and ownerless wilderness to prevent exclusivity and tribal claims.
Exploring the significance and power behind flags, delving into various topics including dragons and Disney World in this episode of Parshah Rabbit Hole.
The video showcases an initiative allowing individuals to have their letter written in a real Torah scroll, promoting unity among Jewish people through this unique opportunity.
The text discusses the concept of flags in the Jewish tradition, drawing from sources in the Torah and Midrash.
Shvues is a multifaceted holiday representing the giving of the Torah, the harvest festival, and a pilgrimage holiday.
From May 31 to June 7, Shabbat times in various UK cities are provided, with differences in start and end times noted.
Rabbi Sivan Rahav-Meir, a prominent Israeli journalist and Torah scholar, discusses Parshat Bechukotai on the Tablet podcast Sivan Says, co-hosted by Liel Leibovitz.
The YouTube video delves into a Torah verse featuring discrepancies in ratios, leading to an exploration of nuclear physics in episode 33 of Parshah Rabbit Hole titled "Checking The Torah's MATH."
Yonatan Adler responds to Malka Simkovich's review of his book, "The Origins of Judaism," emphasizing his focus on when ordinary Jews began following Torah as authoritative law rather than exploring intellectual history.
Rabbi Elia Benamozegh, a prominent Italian Jewish scholar from the 19th century, authored "Em LaMiqra," a unique Torah commentary that combines Talmudic insights with scientific knowledge, philosophical inquiry, historical discoveries, ancient religious perspectives, and Kabbalistic teachings.
The discussion delves into the traditional theodicy in Judaism, questioning the belief that bad events occur as a result of sin.
Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards has coined a new, slightly NSFW tagline for tourism in Minnesota, "Bring ya ass to Minnesota," after their victory, drawing parallels to the biblical story of Balaam and his talking donkey in Numbers.
The text discusses the concept of trust in the context of the weekly Torah portion Behar, focusing on the mitzvah of shmittah and the observance of Shabbat.

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