The article discusses how antisemitism is being masked under the guise of anti-Zionism, with Jewish individuals facing threats and harassment.
Labour is projected for a significant victory in the upcoming election, with potential challenges from Jewish voters.
The recent European elections in France have posed a crucial question for the Jewish community regarding the impact on their future - as two notably different political coalitions with histories of antisemitism vie for power.
Bernie Farber, the former founding chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), stepped down shortly after the organization remained silent in the wake of Hamas-related antisemitic acts in Canada on Oct. 7, 2023.
Filmmaker David Herman's documentary, "Jews Defending Jews," explores the history of Jewish resistance against fascism and antisemitism in the UK.
This article discusses the qualifications of two job candidates, Jane and the author, Dan, for a position at a top Chicago law firm.
Vandals targeted the home of a Jewish museum director in Brooklyn, painting a red inverted triangle on her property, a symbol historically used by Hamas to mark Israeli targets.
Anti-Israel activists vandalized the home of Brooklyn Museum's Jewish director and other leaders, splashing red paint and accusations like "blood on your hands" and "white-supremacist Zionist."
The article discusses the importance of acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects of Jewish history without whitewashing or sugarcoating, emphasizing that recognizing flaws of Jewish founders in Hollywood like racism and discrimination does not equate to antisemitism.
Jewish life for teens in small communities from Iceland to Beijing involves navigating unique challenges such as heightened antisemitism and limited Jewish resources.
The text discusses the intriguing phenomenon of self-hating Jews, noting that even Jews can hold antisemitic views.
American public schools are facing scrutiny for incorporating controversial curriculum materials without official oversight or approval, sparking concern among educators and policy experts like Robert Pondiscio about the lack of transparency in the educational system.
Progressives in New York, from politicians like AOC to cultural figures like the director of the Brooklyn Museum, are beginning to acknowledge the presence of antisemitism within progressive circles.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her awakening to the rise of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments in progressive circles following the rescue of hostages held by Hamas.
The article discusses the question of whether it is antisemitic to protest against Hillel, specifically focusing on a recent demonstration outside the Hillel at Baruch College in Manhattan.
Survivor Eilat Tibi reflects on the protests by anti-Israel activists at an exhibition honoring the victims of the Nova festival massacre, expressing her disappointment at their lack of understanding.
Vandals targeted the homes of five Jewish board members of the Brooklyn Museum, including director Anne Pasternak, with anti-Zionist graffiti and symbols, leading New York officials to denounce the act as overt antisemitism.
The Future of Jewish newsletter delves into the complex nature of Hamas, highlighting not only its genocidal and antisemitic tendencies but also shedding light on its underlying structure as a lucrative business entity fueled by corruption and terrorism.
The success of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in the European Parliament election has raised concerns among mainstream Jewish leaders and politicians in Germany, with parallels drawn to the country's pre-Nazi era.
The essay highlights concerns about rising antisemitism globally, with a focus on Western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, and Argentina.
Eric Ciotti, the president of France's mainstream conservative party, has proposed forming an alliance with Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally, despite its history of antisemitism.
David Lourie, the head of Collegiate School in Manhattan, has resigned amid criticism of the school's response to antisemitism issues, particularly during the Israel-Hamas conflict.
The article discusses the emerging trend of "hot rodent men" in beauty standards, where certain male celebrities are being compared to rodents as a new form of attractiveness.
During a pro-Palestinian protest at UCLA, Rabbi Dovid Gurevich of Chabad was harassed and threatened by masked demonstrators who demanded he leave, calling him derogatory names and making violent threats.
Anti-Israel activists targeted the Nova music festival exhibition in Lower Manhattan for protest, led by the group Within Our Lifetime.

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