Lehrhaus Letters to the Editor: A Rejoinder to the Review by Martin Lockshin 25 Jul
David E. S. Stein, the project manager and revising translator of THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition, responds to Professor Martin Lockshin's review by...
25 Jul
JTA Ceding power is hard. But this week’s Torah portion makes the case for empowering the next generation. 24 Jul
The text discusses the challenge of leadership succession and the importance of empowering the next generation, drawing parallels between leadership transiti...
24 Jul
Mishpacha Parshas Pinchas: Gift of the Year 23 Jul
In Parshas Pinchas, the Torah emphasizes the significance of counting Bnei Yisrael, highlighting two types of counting: a mere tally and a deeper, meaningful...
23 Jul
Jewschool Ask What the Text Wonders: A review of _Why Rain Comes from Above: Explorations in Religious Imagination_, by Devora Steinmetz 22 Jul
In "Why Rain Comes from Above: Explorations in Religious Imagination" by Devora Steinmetz, the author intertwines Biblical and Rabbinic texts to nurture read...
22 Jul
Jewish History Uncensored headphones #197 - Shabbos, Tefillin & Torah - Lessons From My Father’s Life 18 Jul
This episode discusses how the speaker's father gradually incorporated more mitzvot into his life, including a significant dream related to wearing tefillin,...
18 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat times from July 19 to July 26 18 Jul
Shabbat times for the week of July 19 to July 26 are provided, including the start and end times for Shabbat in various cities such as London, Bournemouth, L...
18 Jul
Creative Judaism Ancient Aircraft | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep.40 (Balak) 18 Jul
The video explores the concept of a flying sorcerer and investigates the theme of aeronautics in Torah.
18 Jul
Mishpacha Reconstructed on a Dream 15 Jul
The text discusses the legacy of the Klausenburger Rebbe, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, who passed away 30 years ago. Known for his unwavering hope and ...
15 Jul
Moment Summer Reads for Sun—and Shade 15 Jul
The article highlights a selection of summer reads with unexpected and fascinating stories, ranging from contemporary self-discovery to historical thrillers ...
15 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Parashah of the week: Chukkat 11 Jul
The Parashah of Chukkat focuses on the incident where Moses and Aaron are denied entry into Israel due to Moses striking a rock instead of speaking to it as ...
11 Jul
Mishpacha Jews Keep Singing and Dancing 9 Jul
Over 150 survivors of the Nova Festival gathered for a Shabbaton hosted by Kesher Yehudi at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, supported by the Rieder fam...
9 Jul
Mishpacha Gone West    8 Jul
The text describes the author's strong connection to Phoenix, Arizona, where their sister and brother-in-law moved as kiruv pioneers to establish a Torah com...
8 Jul
Creative Judaism How Do You Measure a GIANT? | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep. 39 (Chukas) 8 Jul
Exploring the concept of measurement in relation to giants, focusing on Og mentioned in the Torah portion, Chukas.
8 Jul
Creative Judaism EATEN By The EARTH? | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep.38 (Korach) 5 Jul
This YouTube video explores the biblical story of Korach and the earth swallowing rebellious individuals, discussing its significance in Jewish tradition.
5 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Parashah of the week: Korach 4 Jul
The Parashah of Korach recounts the rebellion led by Korah against Moses and Aaron, arguing for egalitarianism and questioning their leadership. Despite Kora...
4 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Parashah of the week: Shelach Lecha 27 Jun
The weekly Torah portion of Shelach Lecha discusses the spies' report on the land of Israel, emphasizing how our outlook shapes our perceptions of reality. J...
27 Jun
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat times from June 28 to July 5 27 Jun
The Shabbat times for June 28 to July 5 are detailed, including the start and end times for different cities in the UK like London, Bournemouth, Leeds, Manch...
27 Jun
Creative Judaism Grapes of Math | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep.37 (Shlach) 27 Jun
Exploring the concept of giant grapes in the Parshah, this episode of Parshah Rabbit Hole delves into record-setting watermelons.
27 Jun
Tablet Bookends 26 Jun
The text discusses Tractate Bava Metzia in the Babylonian Talmud, which grapples with establishing ownership in Jewish law. It starts with the unique scenari...
26 Jun
Mishpacha Trees Teach Us about Growth 24 Jun
The article discusses how we can learn about personal growth from trees and our past experiences. By examining the roots, trunk, and branches of a tree, we c...
24 Jun
Mishpacha Seven Becomes Eight  24 Jun
Rav Moshe Wolfson, a revered figure in the Jewish community known for his faith and impact on many, passed away recently, leaving a profound spiritual legacy...
24 Jun
Lehrhaus Our Torah—Illustrated? 24 Jun
In the Torah, unique bracket-shaped markings known as inverted nuns are found surrounding Numbers 10:35-36, evolving over 2000 years with various interpretat...
24 Jun
Jewish Chronicle Parashah of the week: Beha’alotecha 20 Jun
The Behaalotecha parashah delves into the challenges faced by the Israelites in the desert, highlighting their complaints and false nostalgia despite escapin...
20 Jun
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat times from June 21 to June 28 20 Jun
Shabbat times from June 21 to June 28 vary across different cities in the UK, with Shabbat beginning between 8:00 to 9:34 and ending between 10:28 to 11:40. ...
20 Jun
Jewish Action To Post or Not to Post 20 Jun
Gila Ross, an educator and podcaster, discusses the importance of accountability and thoughtful engagement on social media in a piece for a Jewish media outl...
20 Jun
Jewish Action Giving: The Essential Teaching of the Kabbalah 20 Jun
In "Giving: The Essential Teaching of the Kabbalah," Rabbi Yehuda Lev Ashlag's insights are presented by Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Gottlieb, focusing on Kabbal...
20 Jun
Creative Judaism In Search of Moses' Trumpets | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep. 36 (Behaalosecha) 19 Jun
The YouTube video titled "In Search of Moses' Trumpets | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep. 36 (Behaalosecha)" delves into the topic of a pair of Trumpets that belonged...
19 Jun
JTA Jews are in a moment of broken illusions, but we’re stronger than we think 19 Jun
The article reflects on the Jewish people's historical struggles with external conflicts and internal turmoil, drawing parallels between the Israelites' jour...
19 Jun
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat times from June 14 to June 21 14 Jun
Shabbat times for June 14 to June 21 are provided for various locations in the UK, including London, Bournemouth, Leeds, Manchester, Gateshead, and Glasgow. ...
14 Jun
Emes Ve-Emunah Are We Living in Messianic Times? 11 Jun
The text discusses the concept of whether we are currently living in messianic times, examining various perspectives and historical examples. It delves into ...
11 Jun
Jewdicious Feeling Life's Awe — Here’s the Best Way 11 Jun
Awe, as described by psychologist Abraham Maslow, is a profound feeling of happiness and well-being triggered by grand and sublime experiences, often associa...
11 Jun
Creative Judaism Potion, Wine and Dreams | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep.35 Nasso 11 Jun
Exploration of various unconventional concepts in the Torah portion Nasso involving potion, wine, and dreams with a diverse panel of guests on the Parshah Ra...
11 Jun
Moment Avoiding Sleep on Shavuot: An Act of Denying Wisdom 10 Jun
Jewish tradition encourages staying up all night studying Torah on Shavuot to rectify the mistake of the ancient Israelites oversleeping when receiving the T...
10 Jun
Ami Mordechai Hager // Founder & CEO Regah Ventures 10 Jun
Mordechai Hager, founder and CEO of Regah Ventures, shared insights on Torah, business, and personal anecdotes with the interviewer. Hager, known as a succes...
10 Jun
Mishpacha The Best Merchandise 9 Jun
This text discusses the enduring value of Torah compared to other investments and assets, using metaphors like the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies to illus...
9 Jun
Tablet Mourning a Miscarriage 7 Jun
The author reflects on the experience of mourning a miscarriage alongside the celebration of Shavuot, drawing parallels between the loss of their unborn chil...
7 Jun
JTA How New York is celebrating Shavuot 2024 6 Jun
New York is celebrating Shavuot 2024 with a variety of events across the city. Shavuot, marking the giving of the Torah, involves all-night Torah study, read...
6 Jun
Jewschool Revelation and Forgetting: Moshe, Mediation, and the Beginning and End of Torah 6 Jun
The text explores the contrast between the absence of Moshe in the Passover Haggadah and his central role on Shavuot in mediating the giving of the Torah. It...
6 Jun
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat and Shavuot times from June 7 to June 14 6 Jun
From June 7 to June 14, important Jewish observances include Shabbat and Shavuot timings. Shabbat starts on June 7 at various times in different cities, with...
6 Jun
Unorthodox headphones A Beautifully Jewish Shavuot: Ep. 415 6 Jun
The podcast episode "A Beautifully Jewish Shavuot" explores various ways of connecting with the Torah in celebration of Shavuot. Topics covered include Israe...
6 Jun
Jewschool Where is the Torah? 6 Jun
The text discusses the significance of Mount Sinai as the location where God gave the Torah to the Israelites, emphasizing its choice as a public and ownerle...
6 Jun
Creative Judaism Why are FLAGS so POWERFUL? | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep. 34 (Bamidbar) 6 Jun
Exploring the significance and power behind flags, delving into various topics including dragons and Disney World in this episode of Parshah Rabbit Hole.
6 Jun
Chabad.org Your Very Own Letter in a Real Torah Scroll 5 Jun
The video showcases an initiative allowing individuals to have their letter written in a real Torah scroll, promoting unity among Jewish people through this ...
5 Jun
Mishpacha Flag It 4 Jun
The text discusses the concept of flags in the Jewish tradition, drawing from sources in the Torah and Midrash. It emphasizes the idea that each individual h...
4 Jun
Tablet The Spirit of Shvues 31 May
Shvues is a multifaceted holiday representing the giving of the Torah, the harvest festival, and a pilgrimage holiday. It involves customs like learning Tora...
31 May
Jewish Chronicle Shabbat times from May 31 to June 7 30 May
From May 31 to June 7, Shabbat times in various UK cities are provided, with differences in start and end times noted. The Torah portion for June 1 is Bechuk...
30 May
Unorthodox headphones Unorthodox Presents Sivan Says 30 May
Rabbi Sivan Rahav-Meir, a prominent Israeli journalist and Torah scholar, discusses Parshat Bechukotai on the Tablet podcast Sivan Says, co-hosted by Liel Le...
30 May
Creative Judaism Checking The Torah's MATH | Parshah Rabbit Hole Ep.33 (Bechukosai) 29 May
The YouTube video delves into a Torah verse featuring discrepancies in ratios, leading to an exploration of nuclear physics in episode 33 of Parshah Rabbit H...
29 May
Jewish Review of Books A Torah Exchange: Yonatan Adler Responds to Malka Simkovich 24 May
Yonatan Adler responds to Malka Simkovich's review of his book, "The Origins of Judaism," emphasizing his focus on when ordinary Jews began following Torah a...
24 May
The Habura headphones Torah Insights: From the Battlefield in Gaza 22 May
Rabbi Elia Benamozegh, a prominent Italian Jewish scholar from the 19th century, authored "Em LaMiqra," a unique Torah commentary that combines Talmudic insi...
22 May