Lehrhaus Saving Non-Jews on Shabbat: Two Perspectives on the Development of a Sensitive Halakhah 18 Jul
Contemporary Jewish law mandates saving the lives of both Jews and non-Jews, even if it means transgressing Shabbat. This obligation has been widely accepted...
18 Jul
Rationalist Judaism Mission: Impossible 18 Jul
The letter addresses tensions within the Jewish community, specifically between the Orthodox Union (OU) and the charedi community regarding military enlistme...
18 Jul
Forward Adam Schiff calls on Biden to drop out of 2024 presidential race 17 Jul
Rep. Adam Schiff has called for President Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race due to concerns about his ability to defeat former President Do...
17 Jul
Ami Is the Secret Service a Failure? // Trump’s near-assassination and an agency with problems 17 Jul
A recent incident where a man attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the S...
17 Jul
Mishpacha The Return of Trump: A Nation’s Test  15 Jul
The article discusses the aftermath of an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump and its impact on American politics. It highlights the fragi...
15 Jul
Chabad.org Legacy of Light: Sharing the Inspiration of the Rebbe 15 Jul
A video commemorating the 30th yahrtzeit of the Rebbe, featuring speakers reflecting on their fathers' relationship with him and a musical performance by Ale...
15 Jul
The Commentary Magazine Podcast headphones After the Shooting 15 Jul
Joe Biden has addressed the American people multiple times following the recent assassination attempt, raising questions about the purpose and need for unity...
15 Jul
Chabad.org Chana REACTS: Netanyahu’s PROHETIC Meeting With The Rebbe 14 Jul
Chana provides her reactions to Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with the Rebbe.
14 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Let’s talk schools: we need teachers more than ever 14 Jul
The text discusses the importance of teachers in schools and the current challenges of teacher recruitment and retention in the UK, including within Jewish s...
14 Jul
Forward Which Jewish Democrats are standing by Biden, and which are waffling? 12 Jul
Jewish Democrats' support for President Joe Biden varies, with Illinois Congressman Brad Schneider being the sole politician calling for Biden to withdraw, c...
12 Jul
The Commentary Magazine Podcast headphones Biden Isn't Going Anywhere 12 Jul
Tevi Troy discusses President Biden's recent press conference where he expressed his determination to stay in the race, signaling potential challenges for De...
12 Jul
Jewish Chronicle London School of Jewish Studies takes Rabbi Sacks’ teachings Down Under 12 Jul
The London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) is extending one of its popular Torah programs, "Covenant & Continuity," which is based on the teachings of the la...
12 Jul
Forward I'm an octogenarian rabbi. Biden should learn from this Jewish idea about strength 12 Jul
Rabbi Avi Weiss, an octogenarian, pens a letter to President Joe Biden, drawing parallels between their life decisions. He suggests that heroism can include ...
12 Jul
The Commentary Magazine Podcast headphones Kornacki's Back! 11 Jul
In a recent podcast episode, Steve Kornacki, a political correspondent for NBC News, shares his insights on current Biden polling trends, the potential limit...
11 Jul
Jewish Chronicle Parashah of the week: Chukkat 11 Jul
The Parashah of Chukkat focuses on the incident where Moses and Aaron are denied entry into Israel due to Moses striking a rock instead of speaking to it as ...
11 Jul
Unorthodox headphones Maggie Phillips on Jews and their Christian Allies 11 Jul
Maggie Phillips, the Religious Affairs Correspondent for Tablet Magazine, hosts a conversation with Luke Moon and Father Steve Grunow to explore the signific...
11 Jul
Tablet The Egoz Boys 11 Jul
The article discusses the experiences of members of the Egoz unit in the Israel Defense Forces, known for their expertise in guerrilla warfare and special re...
11 Jul
Chabad.org VISION ALIVE: Four Lives Impacted by the Rebbe, Whom They Never Met 10 Jul
The video features personal stories from four individuals who share how the Rebbe has positively influenced their lives, even though they never met him.
10 Jul
Chabad.org Rabbi Shmuel Lew on the Rebbe, Gimmel Tammuz, Chabad & More 10 Jul
Rabbi Shmuel Lew discusses his connection with the Rebbe, exploring themes of Gimmel Tammuz and his role within Chabad.
10 Jul
Ami Yisrael Kleinman // Clearbrook Builders, The Cuttery 10 Jul
Yisrael Kleinman, a versatile entrepreneur and social worker, runs Clearbrook Builders, a construction firm, and The Cuttery, a woodworking parts service. Hi...
10 Jul
18forty How the Lubavitcher Rebbe Teaches Us to Transcend Ourselves 9 Jul
The article discusses the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, focusing on the importance of collectivity, generosity, and e...
9 Jul
Chabad.org VISION ALIVE: Four Lives Impacted by the Rebbe, Whom They Never Met 9 Jul
Individuals share personal stories detailing the impact of the Rebbe on their lives, despite never having met him in person.
9 Jul
JTA 4 congregations will share a new synagogue in the heart of Potsdam, Germany 9 Jul
In Potsdam, Germany, a new multi-denominational synagogue center was inaugurated with support from German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, marking a signif...
9 Jul
eJewishPhilanthropy What is the ideal age for a leader? 9 Jul
The discussion addresses the ideal age for leadership, presenting the benefits of both younger and older leaders. While older leaders bring wisdom and stabil...
9 Jul
Mishpacha Left without a Shepherd     8 Jul
The Kossover Rebbe, Rav Shraga Feivish Hager, was a revered figure who dedicated his life to spirituality and guiding his followers. Born into a distinguishe...
8 Jul
Chabad.org Rabbi Notices Something Unique About the Rebbe and his gatherings 7 Jul
Rabbi Shmuel Lew reflects on his introduction to the Rebbe and Chabad, highlighting the profound impact it had on his life and his role as a Chabad emissary.
7 Jul
Living Lchaim The Untold Story of a Black Jew Saved by the Lubavitcher Rebbe 7 Jul
The video tells the story of a black Jewish man who was saved and inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, leading him to become a rabbi and community leader in Ch...
7 Jul
Tikvah headphones Mark Cohn on the Reform Movement and Intermarriage 5 Jul
The Reform movement in America previously allowed marriage between Jewish and non-Jewish partners if the children were raised Jewish, but a taboo against int...
5 Jul
Emes Ve-Emunah A Rare Moment of Achdus 4 Jul
Shlomo Werdiger, President of the Agudah, shared a heartfelt message expressing a rare moment of unity (achdus) within the Jewish community, highlighting the...
4 Jul
Jewish Chronicle On his 30th Yahrzeit, remembering the leader of leaders who knew how to influence people 4 Jul
As we commemorate the 30th yahrzeit of the revered Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, it is essential to reflect on the powerful influence leaders like him and...
4 Jul
Unorthodox headphones Summer Jams with Zusha and Omer Netzer: Ep. 419 4 Jul
In episode 419 of the Unorthodox podcast, the focus is on summer jams with guests Shlomo Gaisin and Zachariah Goldschmiedt of the band Zusha, known for blend...
4 Jul
eJewishPhilanthropy Why invest in CIT programs?  3 Jul
Rabbi Daniel Brenner discusses the importance of investing in Counselor-in-Training (CIT) programs at Jewish camps, highlighting the valuable role that CITs ...
3 Jul
JTA Rabbi Burt Jacobson, social activist and founder of Bay Area Renewal synagogue, dies at 87 2 Jul
Rabbi Burt Jacobson, a prominent figure in the Jewish Renewal movement and founder of Kehilla Community Synagogue, passed away at 87 from pancreatic cancer. ...
2 Jul
JTA Following internal drama over Israel, Reconstructionist Judaism affirms support for progressive Zionism and 2-state solution 2 Jul
After internal discord over Israel, the Reconstructionist movement has reasserted its backing for progressive Zionism and a two-state solution, emphasizing i...
2 Jul
Mishpacha Keeper of the Trust     2 Jul
Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, a long-time confidant and secretary to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, played a crucial role in the Rebbe's private and public life, even pennin...
2 Jul
Mishpacha For Granted: Chapter 48 2 Jul
Ayala is feeling nervous before a meeting with a successful real estate agent, Mr. Schiller, despite being confident in other professional situations. With g...
2 Jul
eJewishPhilanthropy A culture of relationships, driven by data 2 Jul
The article discusses Gather, Inc.'s relational engagement strategies to enhance and sustain the Jewish community amidst changing demographics and interests....
2 Jul
Ami Rav Shraga Feivish Hager zt”l // The Kossover Rebbe zt’l 2 Jul
Rabbi Shraga Feivish Hager, the Kossover Rebbe, passed away at 66, leaving behind a legacy of chesed and leadership that deeply impacted Boro Park and beyond...
2 Jul
Mishpacha Biden His Time 1 Jul
The article discusses the aftermath of the Trump-Biden debate, highlighting concerns about President Biden's cognitive abilities and the potential impact on ...
1 Jul
Jewish Chronicle New teaching fellowships launched in memory of Lady Lira Winston 1 Jul
In memory of Lady Lira Winston, a new fellowship program has been initiated by PaJeS, the Jewish schools network, aimed at grooming future heads of Jewish sc...
1 Jul
Moment From Craigslist to Philanthropist: A Wide Open Conversation with Craig Newmark and Robert Siegel 29 Jun
Craigslist founder and philanthropist Craig Newmark was interviewed by Robert Siegel, discussing topics such as AI, birds, science fiction, Taylor Swift's mu...
29 Jun
Forward Some imagine a 'President Josh Shapiro.' Here’s what he said about Biden after the debate. 28 Jun
Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, a prominent Jewish figure with high approval ratings in his swing state, has come to the defense of President Joe Biden f...
28 Jun
Emes Ve-Emunah An Elderly Man with a Poor Memory 28 Jun
The text discusses the decline in cognitive abilities observed in President Biden during a debate, as noted by Special Counsel Robert Hur, who described Bide...
28 Jun
eJewishPhilanthropy Will USY’s restructuring save Conservative Judaism? 28 Jun
USY recently unveiled a new strategic plan aimed at revamping its structure by eliminating regional divisions and focusing on immersive experiences, chapter-...
28 Jun
Forward Moses had Aaron to help him communicate. Biden needed such a surrogate in disastrous debate 28 Jun
In a comparison between Moses and Joe Biden, both leaders with speech challenges, the article discusses Biden's struggle with a stutter, particularly evident...
28 Jun
eJewishPhilanthropy A Jewish communal workforce renewal 27 Jun
Following the events of Oct. 7 and the Israel-Gaza war, there has been a notable shift in the Jewish professional workforce, with an increasing number of tal...
27 Jun
MomentMag From Craigslist to Philanthropist: A Wide Open Conversation with Craig Newmark and Robert Siegel 27 Jun
Craig Newmark engages in a wide-ranging conversation with Robert Siegel, discussing topics such as AI, birds, science fiction, and his philanthropic efforts ...
27 Jun
Moment From Craigslist to Philanthropist: A Wide Open Conversation with Craig Newmark and Robert Siegel 27 Jun
Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist turned philanthropist, engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with Robert Siegel, touching on topics like AI, his in...
27 Jun
Unorthodox headphones Vacation with A.J. Jacobs: Ep. 418 27 Jun
Journalist and author A.J. Jacobs discusses his latest book, "The Year of Living Constitutionally: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Constitution's Origin...
27 Jun
JTA Jewish community professionals find leadership training and support in unique MA program 26 Jun
The Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago offers a unique Masters of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies (MAJPS) program designed t...
26 Jun