MomentMag The Art of Diplomacy in a Fragile World with Stuart E. Eizenstat and Amy E. Schwartz 9 Jul
Former Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat and Amy E. Schwartz discuss diplomatic strategies and negotiations in the global arena, focusing on the United States' ...
9 Jul
MomentMag From Craigslist to Philanthropist: A Wide Open Conversation with Craig Newmark and Robert Siegel 27 Jun
Craig Newmark engages in a wide-ranging conversation with Robert Siegel, discussing topics such as AI, birds, science fiction, and his philanthropic efforts ...
27 Jun
MomentMag Legal Earthquake: Israel’s Supreme Court Decides that the Ultra Orthodox Must Serve in the Military 25 Jun
The YouTube video discusses the historic Israeli Supreme Court decision requiring ultraorthodox individuals to serve in the military, potentially impacting P...
25 Jun
MomentMag Jewish Identity in a Post October 7 World with Sarah Hurwitz and Amy E. Schwartz 19 Jun
Sarah Hurwitz and Amy E. Schwartz engage in a candid discussion about the evolving Jewish identity post-October 7, exploring how some individuals are discree...
19 Jun
MomentMag Mister Kelly's Nightclub with David Marienthal, Alison Hinderliter and Joe Alterman 7 Jun
A discussion about Mister Kelly's nightclub and its significant impact on show business in America during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s by launching the career...
7 Jun
MomentMag My Life in Recipes with Joan Nathan and Robert Siegel 5 Jun
Joan Nathan shares her life, family history, and adventures exploring Jewish cuisine worldwide in a conversation with Robert Siegel for Moment Magazine.
5 Jun
MomentMag Nightingale of Iran with Danielle and Galeet Dardashti and Jennifer Bardi 30 May
The YouTube video discusses the journey of sisters Danielle and Galeet Dardashti as they delve into their family's past to explore the legacy of their father...
30 May
MomentMag The Many Sounds of MATISYAHU 23 May
Matisyahu discusses his religious and musical journey, experiences touring with his EP Hold the Fire, and facing cancellations due to his support for Israel ...
23 May
MomentMag Making Art in Times of Conflict with the Alliance for Jewish Theatre 22 May
A panel featuring Avram Mlotek, Michelle Kholos Brooks, and David Herskovits discusses the importance of creating art and finding beauty in times of conflict...
22 May
MomentMag Everyday Israel with Joel Chasnoff, Benji Lovitt and Sarah Breger 15 May
Comedians and educators Joel Chasnoff and Benji Lovitt, along with Moment editor Sarah Breger, discuss everyday life in Israel, including biking on Yom Kippu...
15 May
MomentMag If These Walls Could Talk: Columbia’s Hamilton Hall—1968-2024 10 May
A discussion with Glenn Frankel, Robert Siegel, Susan Rubin Suleiman, and Amy E. Schwartz about the history of student protests and occupations at Columbia's...
10 May
MomentMag Israel Today A Wide Open Conversation with Yossi Klein Halevi and Amy E Schwartz 3 May
Yossi Klein Halevi and Amy E. Schwartz discuss current events in Israel, including a contentious government and a divided population, in a wide-ranging conve...
3 May
MomentMag The New World of Anti Zionism and Antisemitism on Campus with Sharon Nazarian 25 Apr
A discussion with Dr. Sharon Nazarian about the rise of anti-Zionism and antisemitism on college campuses and its impact on academia and Jewish life, featuri...
25 Apr
MomentMag Israel, Iran and the Dangers of a Wider War with Aaron David Miller, Robin Wright, and Robert Siegel 19 Apr
An analysis of the recent drone and missile strikes by Iran on Israel and the potential for a wider war, featuring discussions on Iran's motives, Israel's op...
19 Apr
MomentMag The U S Constitution: Pragmatism versus Textualism on the Supreme Court with Justice Stephen Breyer 17 Apr
A discussion between Justice Stephen Breyer and Robert Siegel about the importance of pragmatism in interpreting the U.S. Constitution, as opposed to textual...
17 Apr
MomentMag Connecting Jewish Identity with Jewish Values with Donniel Hartman and Sarah Breger 11 Apr
Donniel Hartman and Sarah Breger discuss the connection between Jewish identity and Jewish values, exploring the strands of "Genesis Judaism" and "Exodus Jud...
11 Apr
MomentMag For the Love of Judaism with Shai Held and Amy E. Schwartz 3 Apr
Rabbi Shai Held discusses how love is central to Judaism in a conversation with Amy E. Schwartz.
3 Apr
MomentMag Is a Two-State Solution for Israelis and Palestinians Still Possible? 28 Mar
A discussion with experts on the possibility of a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians following the Israel-Hamas War.
28 Mar
MomentMag Female, Funny and Fabulous with Felicia Madison, Ellen Sugarman and Jennifer Bardi 27 Mar
Felicia Madison and Ellen Sugarman discuss their journeys as female Jewish comedians starting their careers later in life in a comedic and inspiring conversa...
27 Mar
MomentMag It’s not a Conspiracy: The Jewish and Black Origins of the Skinhead Movement 21 Mar
The YouTube video explores the Jewish and Black origins of the Skinhead movement before it was infiltrated by White supremacists in the 1980s, featuring disc...
21 Mar
MomentMag From Jewish Rapper to Israel Activist with Kosha Dillz and Joe Alterman 9 Mar
Kosha Dillz discusses embracing his Jewish identity through music and activism in a conversation with Joe Alterman.
9 Mar
MomentMag The Spirituality of Showing Up when it Matters with Sharon Brous and Amy E. Schwartz 8 Mar
Sharon Brous discusses the importance of showing up for one another and highlights the wisdom and relevance of Jewish practice and community in a conversatio...
8 Mar
MomentMag Putin and the Killing of Alexei Navalny with Paul Goldberg and Amy E. Schwartz 6 Mar
Paul Goldberg, president of the Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union and author, discusses the dangers of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and ...
6 Mar
MomentMag What does Winning Look Like for Israel? with Eetta Prince Gibson and Sarah Breger 27 Feb
A discussion on the challenges faced by Israel in defining what winning means in the aftermath of their war with Hamas, featuring Moment Israel Editor Eetta ...
27 Feb