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Russian court has sentenced the prominent Russian-Jewish writer Masha Gessen to eight years in prison in absentia for comments made about Russia's actions in the Ukraine war.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using the recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump to crack down on left-wing dissent in Israel, drawing parallels to Trump's own tactics in the U.S. Netanyahu's government has been targeting peaceful protestors and arresting individuals for expressing sympathy with Gaza, while framing dissent as incitement to violence.
Samuel G. Freedman, a Professor of Journalism at Columbia, delves into the topic of Jewish infighting, division, and unity in a 2020 discussion featured on the 18Forty Podcast.
Israeli scholars and historians, Shira Klein and Lior B. Sternfeld, warn of Israel's rapid descent into fascism as legislation is proposed requiring universities to dismiss academics expressing dissent.
This article discusses the concept of Daas Torah and Elu V'Elu in the context of disagreements within the Agudah Moetzes.
While Hamas appears to have strong support in Gaza, there is actually a significant amount of resentment among the population towards the group.
Two statements have been published at Brandeis University to express dissent against the student government senate's decision to reject a resolution condemning Hamas.
The article discusses how the Israeli right, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, has employed a strategy known as the "salami method" to silence dissent and entrench the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Princeton University's president, Christopher Eisgruber, is seen as holding contradictory principles regarding academic freedom and social justice, which has led to concerns about the university's direction.
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, Samuel G. Freedman, a professor of journalism and author, discusses the role of dissent in the Jewish community.
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, Samuel G. Freedman, a professor of Journalism at Columbia University, discusses the role of dissent in the Jewish community.
Allison, Don, and Noah engage in discussions about various topics including recent speeches by PA President Abbas and Israeli PM Netanyahu at the UN, the rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court on controversial issues, and the silencing of dissent in Israel highlighted in Mairav Zonszein's New York Times op-ed.