Jewish communities across the United States are celebrating Juneteenth, a day commemorating the end of slavery in America.
The article compiles sage advice from Jewish dads, shared by Instagram followers.
This review discusses a classroom drama at the Kiln Theatre focusing on four students in Iran learning English for the TOEFL exam.
The author reflects on the challenges of navigating modesty and privacy in a household with a pre-teen daughter, highlighting the complexities of being the only male in a predominantly female family.
After losing her husband at a young age, the author recounts how her father stepped in to fill the void for her two sons.
In this episode of Unorthodox, the focus is on Fathers Day and Shavuot, exploring themes of fatherhood, loss, and Jewish responsibility.
A video showcasing a mother organizing and decluttering baby stuff to create a better system for storing keepsakes.
Morrie Markoff, a Jewish supercentenarian born to Jewish parents in New York City in 1914, passed away at 110 in Los Angeles.
The text refers to a comic about being a recovering Jewish professional and suggests pairing it with a recently released feature on toxic Jewish workplaces.
The article discusses the emerging trend of "hot rodent men" in beauty standards, where certain male celebrities are being compared to rodents as a new form of attractiveness.
Hunter Biden's memoir "Beautiful Things" serves as a tribute to his late brother Beau Biden and delves into his struggles with addiction, family dynamics, and his controversial involvement with the Ukranian company Burisma.
Despite growing up in a liberal Jewish family with rabbis, the author rebelled against dating Jewish men until meeting her non-Jewish soulmate on a flight to Los Angeles.
This recipe features an all-in-one dish of baked orzo with feta, tomatoes, and olives, inspired by the Green Roasting Tin cookbook.
The letter writer expresses hurt that their non-Jewish friends do not acknowledge Jewish holidays while they go out of their way to recognize Christmas and Easter.
Desroches Island in the Seychelles is a remote and untouched paradise, home to a unique Four Seasons resort and 150 giant tortoises, led by the charismatic Big Pete.
In her poetry collection "Sweet Malida: Memories of a Bene Israel Woman," Zilka Joseph delves into the history and culture of the Bene Israel community in India, highlighting their unique journey of blending into Indian culture while maintaining their Jewish identity.
Alexandria Fanjoy Silver, who converted to Judaism twice, shares her journey as a proud advocate for Toronto's Jewish community.
"What Do I Do With All This Heritage?" is a new play by The Braid, a Jewish theater company in Los Angeles, celebrating Asian American Jews and their complex identities.
The article discusses the evolution and challenges faced by Reform Judaism, particularly in the context of assimilation and changing attitudes towards Jewish practice.
In chapter 8 of the story "Picture This," a young couple, Yonah and Estee, experience tension over money and differing perspectives on supporting each other's dreams.
"The Rabbi's Daughter" recounts a visit to Yerushalayim with the author's parents who recently made aliyah.
The Israeli crumb cheesecake is a simple and elegant dessert perfect for entertaining, requiring advance preparation.
Esther Ottensoser offers creative floral-inspired ideas for table decor, including making tiny vase place cards using popsicle sticks and glass jars, flower-shaped breadsticks for a charming touch to any meal, and rustic cane decor with dried flowers.
Barbra Streisand, a renowned singer, actress, and proud Jew, is also a dedicated philanthropist who has made significant contributions to various causes.

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