Israeli writer Etgar Keret explores interactions with AI, where he discovers the AI believes he has written several non-existent books about strange and intriguing themes.
Frieda Johles Forman, a pioneering feminist in Jewish studies and literature, passed away at 87.
"Second Chances: Shakespeare & Freud" by Stephen Greenblatt and Adam Phillips delves into the theme of second chances in life through the lens of literature and psychoanalysis.
Stephen Fry and Lena Dunham collaborated on the film "Treasure," based on Lily Bretts book "Too Many Men."
The author expresses frustration with the trend of publishing books with titles like "The [Blank] of Auschwitz," which she finds commodifies the Holocaust and risks making the diverse stories of individuals in Auschwitz sound the same.
Modan Publishing House released the first international edition of "Who Is Taylor Swift?" in Hebrew, cementing Taylor Swift's status as a global superstar.
"Kafka," a limited series now streaming on ChaiFlicks, offers a fresh and deeply Jewish perspective on writer Franz Kafka, exploring his Jewish identity, relationships, and influences.
In her poetry collection "Sweet Malida: Memories of a Bene Israel Woman," Zilka Joseph delves into the history and culture of the Bene Israel community in India, highlighting their unique journey of blending into Indian culture while maintaining their Jewish identity.
The Book of Ruth is often seen as a tale of loyalty and selflessness, focusing on Ruth's dedication to her mother-in-law Naomi and the eventual lineage of King David.
The text discusses the Mishnah tractate Bikkurim, focusing on Chapter 3's visual description of the Shavuot procession and the communal journey to the Temple to offer first fruits.
The text delves into the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, comparing their portrayals of societal collapse and ideological tyranny.
Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games series, is releasing a prequel in 2025 that some readers speculate could be a commentary on the Israel-Hamas conflict due to the themes of propaganda and messaging in her writing.
The artistic director at the Arlekin Players Theatre company in Massachusetts is directing a modernized adaptation of the century-old Jewish play "The Dybbuk" at Vilna Shul in Boston.
The text discusses the controversy surrounding a spreadsheet titled "is your fav author a zionist?" which categorizes authors as pro-Israel/Zionist or pro-Palestine/Anti-Zionist.
As the conflict in Gaza continues, concerns arise about a potential escalation in the north involving Hezbollah, a more formidable force than Hamas.
A new television miniseries, titled Kafka, offers a multifaceted portrayal of Franz Kafka, highlighting various aspects of his life and relationships, blending reality with elements from his fiction.
The article discusses the increasing appearance of Hebrew in English-language books, highlighting works such as "Unalone" by Jessica Jacobs, "The Safekeep" by Yael Van Der Wouden, and "Fervor" by Toby Lloyd.
The podcast episode "A Beautifully Jewish Shavuot" explores various ways of connecting with the Torah in celebration of Shavuot.
The article discusses how the Dallas Mavericks' jerseys in the NBA playoffs have drawn comparisons to the graphic novel "Maus" by Art Spiegelman due to a visual resemblance between the team name and the word "Mavs."
Lindsay Posner's new production of Arthur Miller's "A View From the Bridge" features Dominic West as Eddie Carbone and Kate Fleetwood as Beatrice, with strong performances that delve into the tragic storyline.
The exhibition "Kafka: Making of an Icon" at the Bodleian Library commemorates the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka's death by showcasing his literary notebooks, manuscripts, and personal items, including his fascination with Jewishness, Zionism, and Yiddish theater.
The Free Press ran a series called The Prophets focusing on influential thinkers; readers were asked for additional suggestions.
June 2024 brings a diverse array of Jewish-themed TV shows: "Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial" on Netflix delves into Hitler's rise and fall while drawing parallels to contemporary issues like authoritarianism and antisemitism.
Renowned Jewish culinary figure Joan Nathan, author of the memoir "My Life in Recipes: Food, Family, and Memories," will be interviewed by Hadassah Magazine's Executive Editor Lisa Hostein on Thursday, June 20 at 7:00 PM ET.
The post discusses a list of 10 Jewish LGBTQ+ kids books recommended for reading during Pride Month, emphasizing the importance of diverse representation in literature.

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