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The article discusses the recent condemnation of in vitro fertilization (IVF) by the Southern Baptist Convention and its implications for reproductive rights, particularly in light of the ongoing threats to abortion rights.
The author reflects on a debate within the Charedi community about whether young women should prioritize dating "Learners" who study in Kollel full-time or "Earners" who work to support their families.
The article discusses various health-related topics within the Jewish community.
The Parashah of Naso presents the detailed gifts brought by each of the twelve Princes to dedicate the Mishkan (Tabernacle), with the same paragraph repeated 12 times to highlight the unique significance each tribe attached to their gifts.
The recipe includes honey garlic roasted chicken and miso glazed carrots.
As Fathers Day approaches, the author challenges the notion that Jewishness is only passed down through the mother, advocating for the acceptance of patrilineal Jews.
Chaim Saiman, a renowned scholar of Jewish law, delves into the fundamental basis of Jewish law, known as halakhah, which is rooted in the revelation of the Ten Commandments to Moses at Mount Sinai.
Israel Bak, a lesser-known figure compared to his contemporaries like Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, played a crucial role in the 19th-century printing and publishing industry in Palestine.
Raef Zreik, an associate professor of Jurisprudence at Ono Academic College in Israel and a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute, will be a guest speaker during a Zoom call.
The author reflects on recent events in Israeli society, including proposed changes to exemption laws for ultra-Orthodox individuals and a disturbing suicide of a reservist with PTSD.
Despite growing up in a liberal Jewish family with rabbis, the author rebelled against dating Jewish men until meeting her non-Jewish soulmate on a flight to Los Angeles.
Dr. Lenn Evan Goodman, an American Jewish philosopher, engages in a conversation about Moreh HaNebukhim.
The article discusses the evolution and challenges faced by Reform Judaism, particularly in the context of assimilation and changing attitudes towards Jewish practice.
This recipe outlines how to make a pea, tarragon, and cream cheese tart using puff pastry, frozen peas, eggs, crème fraiche, lemon zest, sea salt, and garlic and herb cheese.
The Chazon Ish, a towering figure in Torah Judaism, left a lasting impact on Bnei Brak and beyond, with many followers known as Chazon Ishniks who strictly adhere to his rulings.
The article discusses the challenge of illustrating the Book of Ruth, focusing not on the plot but on the theme of redemption.
In this article, Mishpacha writers reflect on the impact of sacred Jewish texts, or seforim, on their lives.
Rabbi Avraham Gutterman ztzl donated a sefer Torah in the zechus of a refuah for his son, Rav Chaim Michoel Gutterman, who was gravely ill with liver and kidney damage.
Ohio's attorney general has obtained a court order preventing Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, known for its significant collection of rare Jewish books, from selling off these invaluable religious and cultural treasures.
The article discusses how some Orthodox Jewish communities, including the author, reacted when former President Donald Trump and his supporters claimed his recent guilty verdict in New York was rigged.
A Jewish woman shares how her community and faith supported her during a traumatic miscarriage experience in 2014.
The Etgar Quiz no 272 poses questions related to Jewish knowledge, including identifying the source of Eishet Chayil, the Torah portion with the most sections, quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, locations in Israel, the reason why the Tribe of Levi did not have land, and the food provided to the Children of Israel in the desert.
The text discusses a report indicating that the IDF has rejected many Charedi enlistment requests due to various reasons, posing challenges in integrating Charedim into the army.
A woman shares her journey of feeling alone and angry at G-d after her divorce, but eventually finds healing, remarries, and empowers others to thrive.
In Shiur 469, the discussion focuses on the challenges of learning Torah when facing various obstacles, such as life stresses, distractions, or military service.

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