Ilana Kaufman, CEO of the Jews of Color Initiative, emphasizes the importance of maintaining commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts despite challenges and conflicts that may arise.
In this episode of Unorthodox, the focus is on Fathers Day and Shavuot, exploring themes of fatherhood, loss, and Jewish responsibility.
Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, an esteemed Rosh Yeshiva in Israel, is facing criticism for his staunch opposition to allowing Charedi students to be drafted into the IDF, leading to financial crises in yeshivos due to revoked government funding.
Claudia Sheinbaum has made history as the first Jewish head of state in North America, becoming the president-elect of Mexico.
The article asserts that President Biden is showing signs of decline.
Temple Bnai Or, a Reform congregation in Morristown, N.J., underwent changes in its senior team, prompting the creation of a covenant guided by Rabbi Michael Satz to enhance organizational culture and teamwork.
Rabbi Joshua Berdugo, born in Miami, Florida, and a student of Rabbi Zweig at Yeshiva Ve Kollel Bet Moshe Haim, holds semichah from prominent rabbis and is currently studying dayanut through Eretz Hemdah.
The upcoming rally in Manhattan against antisemitism sponsored by Chosen People Ministries, a group that aims to convert Jews to Christianity, has provoked varied reactions from Jewish leaders.
Aaron Abramson, a former Israeli army member and believer in Jesus as the Messiah, has been appointed as the CEO of Jews for Jesus, making him the first Israeli to lead the organization known for its Christian missionary efforts to convert Jews.
In Shiur 469, the discussion revolves around the practice of Shemiras Einayim, focusing on practical Halachos, strengthening commitment, and personal anecdotes, particularly exploring the "Vayimaen phenomenon."
Rabbi Miriam Lorie is set to become the first female Orthodox rabbi in the UK, marking a decade of progress for Orthodox women in leadership roles.
Senator John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, was honored at Yeshiva University for his staunch support of Israel, which he highlighted during his commencement address by removing a Harvard sash to protest the university's perceived lack of support for the Jewish community.
The Jewish Community Professionals Conference will focus on building emotional resilience and well-being in the face of recent challenges, with various sessions addressing topics such as leadership during difficult times, connecting with others, and measuring impact.
In this episode, the discussion revolves around the Baal HaTanya's relocation to Liadi and his decision not to return to Liozna.
In episode 414 of Unorthodox, the show explores various Jewish experiences, including the history of Israeli surfing in Tel Aviv with surfer Arthur Rashkovan, reflections from Jewish college students on a unique semester, a Torah class led by Stephanie and Liel at a correctional institute organized by the Aleph Institute, and a conversation with an essay writer from the University of Chicago.
In episode 414 of Unorthodox, producers travel to Tel Aviv to explore the history of Israeli surfing with surfer Arthur Rashkovan and discuss reflections from Jewish college students.
The Jewish community in Florida mourns the tragic death of 15-year-old Ella Riley Adler, a talented dancer and granddaughter of Michael Adler, the U.S. ambassador to Belgium.
The Jewish Future Promise (JFP) campaign urges Jews to commit at least half of their charitable bequests to build a Jewish future, with over 50,000 signatories including Noa Tishby, Modi Rosenfeld, Rabbi David Wolpe, Lizzy Savetzky, and Bernie Marcus.
The text discusses how crucial it is for Jewish organizations to have a positive board culture led by accountable and transparent lay and professional leaders aligned with the organization's mission.
The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College has seen a significant number of students expressing anti-Zionist views, causing distress and departure for some students who felt isolated and silenced in expressing support for Israel.
Joe Biden has proposed a debate with Donald Trump twice, in June and September, which Trump semi-accepted.
Despite initial hopes of Trump's departure, the former president remains a strong player in Republican primaries, with notable challenger Nikki Haley still drawing significant support.
In this article, the author discusses the challenges faced by young Jewish adults in openly identifying as Jewish leaders in today's world, highlighting instances of discrimination and risk.
Michael Lewis, assistant head of Jewish education at Immanuel College, has been nominated for the TES annual awards for educators as subject lead of the year for secondary schools.
In this episode of Unorthodox, Jewish actress Noa Tishby and sports commentator Emmanuel Acho discuss their collaboration on a book called Uncomfortable Conversations with a Jew, exploring their shared insights.

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