Israel successfully rescued four hostages, sparking celebration in Israel but raising concerns globally due to the civilian casualties in Gaza during the operation.
The author reflects on a moment of realization in a social psychology class at York University about Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments in relation to the Eichmann trial, questioning the extent of individual responsibility when following immoral orders.
Learning to maintain a poker face is highlighted as a valuable skill in various aspects of life, especially in relationships and parenting.
The text discusses the complexity and oversimplification of opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, critiquing those who form shallow viewpoints without a deep understanding of the region's history and complexities.
John Longhurst, the last remaining faith reporter in Canada, reflects on the evolution of religion coverage in media.
A former nursery worker at Little Goldies, which was shut down by the United Synagogue following concerns about hygiene and safeguarding practices, lost her claim of unfair dismissal.
A Jewish columnist reflects on the emotional toll of supporting Israel's war efforts in the face of civilian casualties, particularly in the aftermath of a tragic incident in Rafah where many innocent Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike targeting Hamas terrorists.
Rabbi Daniel Cohen reflects on the fragility of life and the importance of living with a sense of urgency and purpose in his personal narrative about a life-altering event that changed his perspective.
Two students at YULA, an Orthodox Jewish high school in Los Angeles, came forward to report an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female staff member, leading to the involvement of the Los Angeles Police Department.
The Department for Education issued warnings to 12 Charedi schools in 2023 following critical inspections, prompting schools to create action plans to address deficiencies identified by Ofsted.
Kosher restaurants are increasingly incorporating wagyu beef, a highly marbled and luxurious Japanese cattle breed, into their menus, a trend that has long been popular in non-kosher establishments.
Exploring the consequences for bullies in the afterlife and discussing the ethical treatment of supernatural bears in this episode of Parshah Rabbit Hole.
Whitney Weathers, a Black Christian woman working in the Jewish nonprofit sector as a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice practitioner, reflects on her journey and learnings.
The video delves into Rochel's emotional journey of overcoming infertility struggles and the tragic loss of one of her twins, finding strength and faith along the way.
On Lag B'Omer, amidst the tragedy in Meron, a woman grapples with buying a shirt for her son despite the chaos.
Ivan Boesky, a prominent Jewish financier involved in illegal insider trading in the 1980s, passed away at 87.
Ivan Boesky, a prominent Jewish financier involved in illegal insider trading in the 1980s, recently passed away at 87.
The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, along with Hamas leaders, for war crimes and crimes against humanity related to the conflict in Gaza.
This Shiur, number 467 titled "Un-Lavish Living," explores the societal pressure and personal beliefs that lead individuals to overspend and live beyond their means.
In a satirical piece by Future of Jewish, various events in the Jewish world are highlighted, such as misleading news alerts regarding Hamas accepting a ceasefire, the rejection of Jewish students in the UK due to support for Israel, and protests equating support for Hamas with supporting Hitler.
Rabbi and scholar Shlomo Brody discusses Jewish military ethics, particularly focusing on the ethics of fighting in war as seen through the Jewish tradition and the Israeli military's historical experience, in his new volume on the subject titled Ethics of Our Fighters.
The video explores Vivi and her husband's journey of strength and faith as they navigate raising a family despite facing the loss of four children due to a genetic disorder.
New York Congressman Mike Lawler maintains his belief that President Biden is a friend of Israel but criticizes Biden's decision to withhold military aid, citing concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza.
The Parashah of the week, Kedoshim, emphasizes the command to be holy, highlighting that every action should be sanctified and serve a higher purpose, even mundane tasks like offering a seat to those in need.
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem caused controversy by including in her book the story of shooting her hunting dog, Cricket, for behavior such as disrupting a hunt and biting her.

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