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The podcast discusses a daring Israeli hostage rescue operation followed by increasing Hezbollah rocket fire, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot's departure from Israel's war cabinet, and tension between Benjamin Netanyahu and the Supreme Court regarding ultra-orthodox military service exemption.
As ceasefire talks in Gaza progress, Israel faces a crucial moment to demonstrate its commitment to negotiating sincerely.
The article argues against rewarding Palestinian terror with a state, highlighting how recent events have eroded support for a two-state solution in Israel.
Benny Gantz, a key figure in the Israeli war cabinet, has resigned, leading to speculation on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will survive politically.
Over a dramatic weekend in Israel, the IDF successfully rescued four hostages in Gaza, generating euphoria followed by mourning for a fallen officer.
Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz has resigned from Israel's war cabinet, signaling a potential challenge to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership amid crumbling unity in response to the war against Hamas.
Benny Gantz, a key moderate figure in the Israeli government, resigned, leaving Netanyahu without a centrist partner and potentially leading to early elections.
In a recent pro-Israel parade in New York and a rally in Tel Aviv, divergent perspectives on bringing hostages home were highlighted.
A recent hostage rescue in Israel sparked a sense of unity but also highlighted the country's complex challenges.
Israeli special forces successfully carried out a daring operation to rescue four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, who were tearfully reunited with their families at the Tel Aviv hospital.
Israeli forces successfully rescued four hostages, including Noa Argamani, who had been held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address the U.S. Congress on July 24 for the fourth time amid the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza and potential International Criminal Court issues.
President Joe Biden is facing challenges working with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to differences in their visions for peace in the region, with Biden advocating for a two-state solution.
The text discusses allegations and controversies surrounding Sean "Diddy" Combs and Hunter Biden.
President Biden and the Democratic Party are facing political challenges, especially in light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and upcoming elections.
The article discusses how Hamas' decision regarding President Biden's ceasefire proposal could greatly impact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future.
President Joe Biden's statements regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's actions during the conflict with Hamas have led to confusion and mixed messaging.
Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave an interview in French on TF1, where he compared the Israeli invasion of Gaza to the Allied landing at Normandy, invoking the concept of Judeo-Christian civilization.
Israel is considering a ceasefire proposal, involving staged releases of hostages and prisoner exchanges with Hamas, brokered through the Qataris and supported by Joe Biden.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces strong criticism from various quarters for his conservative politics, alliances with right-wing parties, corruption charges, and perceived prioritization of power over national interests.
The discussion with Jonathan Schanzer revolves around whether Benjamin Netanyahu is losing his ability to influence events as he desires, the impact of the Biden administration's policies on Israeli soldiers, and America's reluctance towards achieving military victories.
David Levy, a prominent Mizrahi Israeli politician and former foreign minister, passed away at 86.
President Joe Biden announced an Israeli plan to end the war with Hamas by securing the release of all hostages held in Gaza, withdrawing Israeli forces, and incapacitating Hamas to prevent future attacks.
In a recent episode of Israel GPS, hosts Yonit and Jonathan interviewed Fareed Zakaria, a renowned analyst and CNN host, to discuss the ongoing conflict in Israel, including international criticism following an air strike in Rafah and a call from The Hague to cease operations.
The IDF Chief of Staff remarked that Israel has largely achieved its military objectives in Gaza, with a focus on securing a lengthy ceasefire and prisoner release rather than prolonged military action.