MLB veteran Kevin Pillar, currently enjoying success with the L.A. Angels, reflects on his identity as a Jewish baseball player.
Orthodox MLB prospect Jacob Steinmetz has been impressing with his performance in Single A baseball.
The Indianapolis Colts signed a rookie wide receiver named Adonai Mitchell, prompting a dilemma for Jewish football fans due to the use of a Hebrew name for God outside of ritual contexts.
Fred Sternburg, a Jewish publicist known for his work in boxing and Judaism, has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
The Hulu miniseries "Clipped" dramatizes the story of former Jewish L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling's downfall, focusing on his lifetime ban from the NBA in 2014 due to making racist comments about Black people.
Max Fried, the Atlanta Braves pitcher, is having a standout season with impressive statistics and performances, potentially putting him in the running for the Cy Young award.
An Israeli high school basketball team from the Eshkol Regional Council in Israel, torn apart by the Oct. 7 attack, reunited in New York as part of an initiative by Project 24, providing the teammates with a much-needed opportunity to spend time together after being dispersed across temporary housing in Israel.
Kyrie Irving's brief foray into promoting a documentary with antisemitic content, including Holocaust denial, sparked controversy but has largely faded from public attention amid his basketball success.
The article discusses the impact of TNT's 'Inside the NBA' show, particularly in handling sensitive topics like the controversy involving NBA star Kyrie Irving sharing conspiracy theories.
An Israeli high school basketball team from the Eshkol Regional Council in Israel, who were separated after a tragic attack by Hamas, reunited in New York City for a 10-day trip organized by Project 24, a nonprofit aiming to help victims heal.
The Menschwarmers podcast explores the shared stereotypes and societal challenges faced by Jewish and Asian athletes, highlighting similarities such as immigrant backgrounds, stereotypes about academic prowess, and derogatory remarks.
Since his antisemitism scandal, NBA star Kyrie Irving has not only moved to the Dallas Mavericks but has also helped elevate the team to the Western Conference Finals.
Jewish athletes are making headlines in the sports world, with the New York Knicks, Rangers, and Yankees excelling in their respective leagues.
Diego Schwartzman, a prominent Jewish tennis player, has announced his retirement from professional tennis after struggling in recent years, with plans to retire after the Argentina Open in 2025.
Rickwood Field, America's oldest baseball park, holds a secret Jewish history that will be highlighted during a special event on June 20, 2024, when the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants will play there to honor Juneteenth and the field's significance during the Negro leagues era.
Jewish entrepreneur Jesse Itzler, known for his work in music and business, wrote the iconic New York Knicks anthem "Go, New York, Go!", which became a fan favorite during the 1994 NBA playoffs and is still popular today.
The video discusses how Sam Salz incorporates Jewish pride and observance into his life while balancing a rising football career that does not involve playing on Shabbat.
Jewish tennis player Diego Schwartzman, ranked 142 in the ATP mens rankings, has announced his retirement after the Argentina Open in February 2025, citing the difficulty of maintaining his intensity and enjoyment for the game.
The New York Knicks have a special place in the hearts of Jewish New Yorkers due to a historical connection between Judaism and Knicks basketball, symbolized by figures like coach Red Holzman.
Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, is seeing Jewish quarterback Jake Retzlaff potentially leading their football team, contrasting previous Jewish quarterbacks in the NFL.
Sam Salz shares his experience of maintaining a strong connection with G-d while juggling the demands of college football.
The newsletter highlights the success of Jewish athletes Max Fried and Dean Kremer in Major League Baseball, with Fried achieving a rare complete game shutout in under 100 pitches and Kremer earning his first win of the season with 10 strikeouts.
The Menschwarmers' annual Jewish baseball seder offers a unique twist on Passover celebrations by combining the start of baseball season with the holiday week.
Michael Lipp, a wheelchair pickleball player, has defied expectations and become a top-ranked athlete in the sport, showcasing his perseverance and skill despite physical challenges.
The passing of Brooklyn Dodgers legend Carl Erskine marks the end of an era in Jewish and baseball history.

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