Sonya's Prep Dinner Prep For The Family Garlic knots and Pizza #dough #garlicknots #shorts 24 Jul
The video showcases the process of preparing garlic knots and pizza dough for a family dinner.
24 Jul
Sonya's Prep I Can Watch People Work With Dough All Day Long #dough #sourdough #bread 23 Jul
The video showcases footage of people working with dough, focusing on the process of making sourdough bread, and subtly highlights the theme of Shabbat.
23 Jul
Sonya's Prep Why don’t I just use it 🤪 19 Jul
The video explores the concept of Shabbat and its significance in Jewish tradition.
19 Jul
Sonya's Prep Meal Train For a New Mommy Hope She Enjoys #mealprep #postpartum #newmom 18 Jul
The video shows a meal train being organized for a new mother, focusing on meal preparation and postpartum support within a Shabbat community.
18 Jul
Sonya's Prep So Embarrassing Finally Cleaning Out The Dreaded Closet 🫣 #declutter #momlife #cleaningmycloset 17 Jul
The video showcases a person cleaning out their cluttered closet, capturing the process of decluttering and organizing their belongings while reflecting on t...
17 Jul
Sonya's Prep Lighting Shabbat Candles and The Audible Sigh of the World- Day of Rest #shabbat #dayofrest #shorts 16 Jul
The video demonstrates an Orthodox Jewish family lighting Shabbat candles and reflecting on the significance of this act in honoring the day of rest.
16 Jul
Sonya's Prep How Do We Keep Food Hot on Shabbat? #shabbat #shorts #orthodoxjewish 15 Jul
The video discusses how Orthodox Jewish families keep food hot on Shabbat, with many using hot plates turned on before Shabbat to warm up the food, either le...
15 Jul
Sonya's Prep Cinnamon Roll Heaven in a Bite #cinnamonrolls #tasty #creamcheesefrosting 14 Jul
A video showcasing the making of delicious and decadent cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.
14 Jul
Sonya's Prep Shabbat Prep Recipes and Routine 11 Jul
A YouTube video showcasing the Shabbat preparation routine and recipes in an Orthodox Sephardic Jewish home, featuring cooking demonstrations and insights in...
11 Jul
Sonya's Prep Declutter CLOSET TRANSFORMATION #declutter #organization #closet #closetmakeover 2 Jul
A YouTube video showcasing a major declutter and organization transformation of a kids' closet, featuring a mother sharing her journey of revamping and organ...
2 Jul
Sonya's Prep Costco Grocery Haul as a Nursing Momma Kosher #shorts #costcohaul #milksupply 2 Jul
A short video showing a Costco grocery haul by a nursing mother who keeps a kosher diet, emphasizing the importance of maintaining milk supply.
2 Jul
Sonya's Prep Massive Closet Clean Out Declutter Organizing my Kids Closet Major Mommy Motivation 30 Jun
The video showcases a massive closet cleanout and organization project focused on decluttering and reorganizing a kids' closet for efficient use, featuring t...
30 Jun
Sonya's Prep Can I still blame it on pregnancy brain if I already had the baby? #costcohaul #shorts 30 Jun
The video showcases Sonya tackling the decluttering and organizing of her kids' closet in order to pass down clothes from her oldest child to the youngest, w...
30 Jun
Sonya's Prep Busy Mom Life Costco Grocery Haul Baby Update Cook With Me 23 Jun
A day in the life of a busy Orthodox Jewish mom includes a Costco grocery haul, baby updates, cooking bone broth and tacos, and sharing homemaking tips in th...
23 Jun
Sonya's Prep I can’t believe it’s time - starting solids #shorts #babyfood #solids 18 Jun
A short video showcasing the process of preparing and feeding a baby solid foods, including cooking, storing, and heating up baby food.
18 Jun
Sonya's Prep Where Does the Time Go BABY FOOD MEAL PREP Dinner Prep 16 Jun
A video featuring a parent preparing baby food for a 6-month-old, sharing the process of prepping, freezing, and reheating the meals.
16 Jun
Sonya's Prep Cinnamon Rolls Fluffy Gooey Quick & Easy Shavuot Recipe 9 Jun
A YouTube video featuring a homemade Cinnamon Rolls recipe perfect for Shavuot, showcasing fluffy, gooey rolls with cream cheese frosting, described as the b...
9 Jun
Sonya's Prep Always on the hunt for something new #salads #dips #shabbat 3 Jun
The video explores creative ideas for salads and dips, ideal for Shabbat meals.
3 Jun
Sonya's Prep Day In The Life Getting Things Done Cooking Baking Cleaning Laundry Motivation 2 Jun
A video documenting a day off spent cooking, baking, cleaning, and doing laundry at home, with included recipes and motivation for viewers.
2 Jun
Sonya's Prep Shabbat Shopping Haul #shopwithme #groceryhaul #shoppinghaul 16 May
The video showcases a shopping haul for Shabbat groceries, featuring various items purchased and brought home.
16 May
Sonya's Prep Garlic butter herb sourdough bread 🤤 #sourdough #garlicbutter #repurposed 10 May
The video demonstrates the process of making garlic butter herb sourdough bread, showcasing a tasty and aromatic homemade recipe.
10 May
Sonya's Prep Mothers Day Brunch #mothersday #brunch 6 May
The video captures a Mother's Day brunch celebration.
6 May
Sonya's Prep Key to Wealth In Judaism #wealth #prosperity 2 May
The video demonstrates how to make a challah bread shaped like a key, a custom in Judaism believed to bring blessings of financial stability and wealth.
2 May
Sonya's Prep Butternut Squash Pie For Passover Gluten Free #glutenfree #passover #passoverrecipes 26 Apr
The video demonstrates how to prepare a gluten-free Butternut Squash Pie for Passover.
26 Apr
Sonya's Prep The Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs For Passover #softboiledegg #passover #pesach 22 Apr
A video demonstrating how to make the perfect soft boiled eggs for Passover.
22 Apr
Sonya's Prep Amazing banana bread for Passover!! So Moist #passover #passover2024 #pesach 18 Apr
A tutorial video demonstrating how to make a delicious and moist banana bread recipe suitable for Passover, including a list of ingredients and baking instru...
18 Apr
Sonya's Prep Passover Seder Appetizer with Lox #passover #pesach #appetizer 17 Apr
A video showcasing how to prepare a Passover Seder appetizer featuring lox.
17 Apr
Sonya's Prep Melt In Your Mouth Short Ribs For Passover 15 Apr
A YouTube video demonstrating how to make tender short ribs for Passover by seasoning and baking them until they melt in your mouth.
15 Apr
Sonya's Prep Passover Seder and Shabbat Recipes Sephardic Pesach Menu 14 Apr
The video showcases a variety of Sephardic Passover recipes for a Passover Seder and Shabbat meals, including dishes like Passover Soup, Garlic Confit Chicke...
14 Apr
Sonya's Prep Kosher For Passover Meat Pizza #passover #pizza #recipe 11 Apr
A YouTube video demonstrating how to make a Kosher for Passover pizza crust recipe.
11 Apr
Sonya's Prep Sourdough Crumb Perfection 🔥 #sourdough #sourdoughrecipe #shorts 3 Apr
A video focusing on achieving the perfect texture for sourdough bread.
3 Apr
Sonya's Prep Self Care day indulging in all the things I usually don’t #patis #workingmoms #takecareofyourself 2 Apr
Indulging in self-care with treats and relaxation while taking a break from the busyness of being a working mom.
2 Apr
Sonya's Prep Family Dinners A Week Of Meals What We Eat In A Week Kosher Including Freezer Friendly Meals 27 Mar
Join Sonya, a busy working mom of six, in this video where she shares a week of kosher Orthodox Jewish family meals, including freezer-friendly options like ...
27 Mar
Sonya's Prep 🤔 What happens after an Orthodox Jewish Wedding? #wedding #traditional #shorts 26 Mar
Exploring the customs and rituals that take place after an Orthodox Jewish wedding, focusing on the tradition of Sheva Brachot.
26 Mar
Sonya's Prep Kitchen Spring Cleaning Passover Prep #cleaning #passover #cleaningmotivation 25 Mar
This YouTube video focuses on preparing the kitchen for Passover by doing thorough spring cleaning.
25 Mar
Sonya's Prep 🔥 The Best Fish Tacos From Repurposed Shabbat Fish #fishtacos #tacos #shorts 21 Mar
The video showcases how to make delicious fish tacos using leftover Shabbat fish in a creative and sustainable way.
21 Mar
Sonya's Prep SHABBAT As A Guest #hostessgift #shabbat #sourdough #food #mealprep #recipe 19 Mar
The video discusses being a Shabbat guest and includes topics like hostess gifts, sourdough, food, meal prep, and recipes.
19 Mar
Sonya's Prep How I Cover My Hair As A Married Jewish Woman #headwrap #headcovering #tutorial 18 Mar
A tutorial on how a married Jewish woman covers her hair using headwraps and headcoverings.
18 Mar
Sonya's Prep How Do Jews Travel To NON Kosher Destinations #travel #kosher #shorts 17 Mar
Exploring how Jewish individuals navigate travel to non-kosher destinations.
17 Mar