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The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on Tsav 9, an Israeli group accused of obstructing humanitarian aid convoys bound for Gaza.
As clashes between Israel and Hezbollah intensify in the north, residents of Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border have endured ongoing rocket attacks, forcing many to evacuate and leaving the city bruised and empty.
The podcast discusses various topics, including Hunter Biden's situation, Joe Biden's behavior during a ceremony, an upcoming debate, Gaza, Antony Blinken, and Glenn.
In this episode, Linda Gradstein, Allison Kaplan Sommer, and Noah Efron discuss the rescue of hostages from Gaza, Benny Gantz's departure from the government, and the celebration of Shavuot in Israel after months of war.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her initial misjudgment of the response to antisemitism after witnessing the rescue of hostages in Israel by researching and creating a documentary called "Screams Before Silence" about the sexual violence inflicted on the captives.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her awakening to the rise of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments in progressive circles following the rescue of hostages held by Hamas.
Modan Publishing House released the first international edition of "Who Is Taylor Swift?" in Hebrew, cementing Taylor Swift's status as a global superstar.
As ceasefire talks in Gaza progress, Israel faces a crucial moment to demonstrate its commitment to negotiating sincerely.
The author shares a personal account of losing 31 family members in Gaza due to Israeli bombardments and highlights the devastating impact of the conflict on civilian lives.
The New York City Council is considering a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza to promote peace and safety for all.
The Washington Post has been criticized for its reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically in a recent article that omitted key details about the captivity of Israeli hostages by Hamas.
The successful rescue operation of four hostages in Gaza posed a dilemma for Israeli security forces, who now face the challenge of rescuing the remaining captives.
The article argues against rewarding Palestinian terror with a state, highlighting how recent events have eroded support for a two-state solution in Israel.
The Hostages and Missing Families Forum recently released a special Shavuot cookbook featuring 75 recipes, each accompanied by a photo and a description of a hostage, some deceased and some still in captivity.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emphasized in a livestream that antisemitism undermines both American and progressive values, acknowledging that some criticisms of Israel can cross into antisemitism.
Israeli hostages Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv were recently freed from captivity in Gaza in an Israeli military operation that resulted in casualties.
Benny Gantz, a key figure in the Israeli war cabinet, has resigned, leading to speculation on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will survive politically.
The article discusses the media's complicity in perpetuating biased narratives regarding the recent events in Gaza, particularly focusing on Hamas's strategy of using civilians as human shields and sacrificing them for their own gain.
Over a dramatic weekend in Israel, the IDF successfully rescued four hostages in Gaza, generating euphoria followed by mourning for a fallen officer.
The text questions the reliability of facts coming out of Gaza by drawing a comparison to the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.
The text expresses a mix of emotions upon hearing about the daring rescue of Israeli hostages, including pride, joy, relief, and sorrow for those still held and killed by Hamas.
The article discusses the recent IDF rescue of hostages from Hamas captivity and emphasizes the importance of pursuing negotiations to release all hostages, end bloodshed, and enhance Israeli and Palestinian security.
A recent hostage rescue in Israel sparked a sense of unity but also highlighted the country's complex challenges.
Israeli special forces successfully carried out a daring operation to rescue four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, who were tearfully reunited with their families at the Tel Aviv hospital.
Israeli forces successfully rescued four hostages, including Noa Argamani, who had been held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.