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In the Letters to the Editor section of Hadassah Magazine, readers express mixed feelings about various articles in the publication.
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast sponsored by Joel and Lynn Mael, Rabbi Adam J. Raskin, a Conservative rabbi, and his Orthodox daughter Mia Raskin discuss how their family navigates denominational differences, shedding light on the real-world implications of Jewish denominations in daily life.
Samuel G. Freedman, a Professor of Journalism at Columbia, delves into the topic of Jewish infighting, division, and unity in a 2020 discussion featured on the 18Forty Podcast.
Dr. Marc B. Shapiro discusses the origins and distinctions among various Jewish sects like Reform, Conservative, yeshivish, and Modern Orthodox in the 18Forty Podcast.
The UJA-Federation of New York's recent Jewish population survey lacked questions about Chabad's involvement among Metro NYC Jews, despite Chabad's considerable growth and impact.
Noah Feldman's book "To Be a Jew Today" delves into the complexities of Jewish identity, moving beyond denominational labels to explore four distinct Jewish attitudes towards God: Traditionalists, Evolutionists, Progressives, and Godless Jews.
The author reflects on their personal journey of Jewish affiliation, revealing a deep connection to Orthodox Judaism stemming from a family history where Jewish life was actively maintained.
The author discusses five ways to effectively combat antisemitism.
Despite the rise in antisemitism and the Israeli-Hamas war, there is a growing number of individuals converting to Judaism.
The author explores different perspectives on how to effectively combat antisemitism.
The Chabad movement stands out as a prominent presence in Canadian cities with their numerous Chabad houses, menorahs, and outreach activities, even attracting non-Orthodox Jews.
Sally Priesand made history almost 50 years ago as the first female rabbi ordained in North America, yet female rabbis today still face disparities compared to their male counterparts.
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, the host follows up with the families from a previous series on intergenerational divergence.
A recent survey of American rabbis reveals that an increasing number of people are converting to Judaism for reasons other than marriage.
The American Orthodox Jewish community has shown a surprising shift in attitudes towards liberal Jewish denominations in recent years, potentially due to the financial benefits and reduced competition perceived by some Orthodox leaders.
Zev Eleff's article responds to the notion of a disappearing non-observant Orthodox Jew within the American Jewish community, pointing out the lack of clear definitions and data to support such a claim.
In "The Birds and the Bees" episode 16, BatSheva Marcus, a sex counselor and president of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, discusses common issues faced by her patients, finding rabinically-approved erotica for observant Jews, and the importance of maintaining a sexual connection in long-term relationships.
The Jim Joseph Foundation has granted $11 million each to the Reform movements Hebrew Union College, Conservative movements Jewish Theological Seminary, and Modern Orthodox movements Yeshiva University for their Masters programs in Jewish education.