The article discusses the recent condemnation of in vitro fertilization (IVF) by the Southern Baptist Convention and its implications for reproductive rights, particularly in light of the ongoing threats to abortion rights.
"Sabbath Queen" is a documentary that follows the journey of Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, known for his drag character Rebbetzin Hadassah Gross, as he challenges boundaries in Jewish identity.
Frieda Johles Forman, a pioneering feminist in Jewish studies and literature, passed away at 87.
The podcast miniseries "recollections" from the Jewish Public Library celebrates the 110th anniversary of the library by exploring its Jewish Leftist roots in Montreal.
The author reflects on the challenges of navigating modesty and privacy in a household with a pre-teen daughter, highlighting the complexities of being the only male in a predominantly female family.
Rabbi Jacob Kohn and other Jewish leaders in the early to mid-20th century expressed concerns about absent fathers in synagogues and their lack of involvement in Jewish family life.
The text discusses personal experiences working in a synagogue's development office and receiving donations from congregants.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her initial misjudgment of the response to antisemitism after witnessing the rescue of hostages in Israel by researching and creating a documentary called "Screams Before Silence" about the sexual violence inflicted on the captives.
Richard Lubbock, a Jewish man from north London, led a double life as a drug addict and dealer, resembling a regular granddad but getting involved in crystal meth dealing following personal struggles.
The article criticizes the politicization of victims of sexual assault, highlighting a Times piece that skewed the truth for a specific agenda regarding incidents of rape at Nova festival, Route 232, and Kibbutz Reim.
The increasing anti-Israel sentiment amidst Pride events is causing safety concerns for LGBTQ+ Jews, with fears of harassment and violence due to the recent conflict in Gaza.
"What Do I Do With All This Heritage?" is a new play by The Braid, a Jewish theater company in Los Angeles, celebrating Asian American Jews and their complex identities.
The text discusses the evolving role of women in Torah study and education, highlighting how women are now actively engaged in learning and teaching Torah across various Jewish communities, thanks to movements like Beit Yaakov and educational initiatives promoting female involvement.
The video tells the inspiring story of a single mother who successfully created a blended family after her separation, and now empowers others to do the same.
A woman shares her journey of feeling alone and angry at G-d after her divorce, but eventually finds healing, remarries, and empowers others to thrive.
Mister Kelly’s nightclub, founded by Jewish brothers George and Oscar Marienthal, played a pivotal role in launching the careers of renowned artists such as Barbara Streisand, Richard Pryor, and Bette Midler.
Queer Jews are expressing fear of discrimination at Pride events due to increasing antisemitism and anti-Zionist sentiment within the LGBTQ community, exemplified by bans on Jewish symbols like Israeli flags and Stars of David at some marches.
In "The Magic Ladle: Women, Science, and Nutrition in the History of Israel" by Erela Taharlev Ben-Shachar, the author explores how food, particularly the orange and vegetables, played a significant role in the evolution of the Israeli kitchen and society.
In the Blaze Bernstein murder trial, the mother of the accused, Samuel Woodward, testified about his troubled childhood, detailing his struggles with fitting in, undiagnosed autism, and family dynamics.
The text discusses the role of stupidity in the debate surrounding Israel and the Middle East, using an interview between a gay man and an individual supporting Palestine as an example.
Rabbi Miriam Lorie's graduation from Yeshivat Maharat and her leadership at Kehillat Nashira in Borehamwood mark a significant moment for British Jewry, as Orthodox female rabbis are making strides in leading communities despite some resistance from traditional Jewish law and the Chief Rabbi.
The Free Press ran a series called The Prophets focusing on influential thinkers; readers were asked for additional suggestions.
The post discusses a list of 10 Jewish LGBTQ+ kids books recommended for reading during Pride Month, emphasizing the importance of diverse representation in literature.
The story explores a dilemma faced by Shif, torn between attending her boss Devorah's wedding and her best friend Yaeli's wedding that fall on the same day.
The author, a mother of four, reflects on her challenging journey through secondary infertility, highlighting the emotional toll and struggles she faced while trying to expand her family.

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