Sisters Danielle and Galeet Dardashti, descendants of Iranian Jewish musicians, explore the lives of their father and grandfather who were renowned in Iran but not supported by their Jewish community, prompting their departure from the country at the height of their success.
Israeli forces successfully rescued four hostages, including Noa Argamani, who had been held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.
Roxanne de Bastion, a singer-songwriter, was inspired by her Hungarian-Jewish grandfather Stephen's survival story during the Holocaust, which led her to write a book and release an album of his compositions.
In an effort to counter American bigotry against Blacks and Jews, saxophonist Matthew Levy envisioned the Generate Music project, aiming to bring together Black and Jewish musicians to create and perform original pieces highlighting their shared experiences.
The Rana Choir, the only Arab-Jewish women's choir in Israel, has faced significant challenges due to the aftermath of the war and a Hamas attack.
The text discusses allegations and controversies surrounding Sean "Diddy" Combs and Hunter Biden.
Serge Gainsbourg's former home at 5 bis rue de Verneuil has become a public mausoleum, offering visitors a glimpse into the life of the iconic singer and songwriter.
Musician Jonny Greenwood is facing criticism for planning to tour with Israeli artist Dudu Tassa amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.
"In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon" is a documentary that delves into Paul Simon's life story and his recent album, Seven Psalms, showcasing his reflections on his career, Jewish heritage, and memories of growing up in Queens.
Folkways Records, founded by Jewish entrepreneur Moses Asch with encouragement from Albert Einstein, was a unique and influential label in the 1940s and 1950s.
Matisyahu, a singer/songwriter known for his hit song "One Day," discussed his musical and religious journey during a Zoominar as part of The Pulse: Moments That Matter series.
The Nova Music Festival Exhibit in Lower Manhattan commemorates the tragic event on October 7 where over 360 people were murdered during a music festival in Israel.
Music has a profound impact on healing and self-expression, especially for individuals navigating trauma or difficult experiences.
Northern Ballet is performing a fast-paced version of "Romeo and Juliet" at Sadlers Wells with choreography by Massimo Moricone.
Dave Malloy's bold, innovative musical "Three Houses" presented at Signature Theatre explores lockdown-era isolation through a unique interpretation of The Three Little Pigs tale, featuring characters Susan, Sadie, and Beckett reminiscing on their pandemic experiences in Latvia, New Mexico, and Brooklyn.
Jaclyn Grossman, a soprano opera singer, performs both Wagner, despite his antisemitism, and Yiddish opera written by Holocaust survivors and victims.
Renowned New York klezmer musician Frank London faced a critical health battle with cancer, requiring immediate treatment, forcing him to postpone concerts and a festival.
"Rimon's Song" is a poignant musical tribute written by David Brinn in response to the captivity of Rimon Kirsht Buchshtav, taken by Hamas terrorists and released after over 50 days.
Matisyahu discusses his religious and musical journey, experiences touring with his EP Hold the Fire, and facing cancellations due to his support for Israel in a conversation with Joe Alterman for The Pulse: Moments That Matter series by MomentLive! and Neranenah.
"Passing Strange" at the Young Vic is a Tony-winning show featuring an autobiographical narrative set to impressive music.
Matisyahu, the singer/songwriter known for his hit song "One Day," discusses his nearly two-decade career where Jewish heritage plays a central role in his life and music.
Israeli pop star Mergui, known for his standout performances on Next Star for Eurovision and his hit songs, recently debuted on the Today show with his new English EP "Shadows of Blue."
Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Kaplan, a talented and revered Jewish scholar born in Lithuania in 1889, left a profound impact through his teachings, writings, and music.
Eden Golan, Israeli singer of the Eurovision entry "Hurricane," which had to be rewritten to remove political references, showcased the original version, "October Rain," at Hostages Square in Tel Aviv as a gesture of solidarity with those held in Gaza.
The bodies of three victims, including Shani Louk, who were killed in the Nova music festival massacre and then taken by Hamas as leverage, have been recovered by the Israeli military.

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