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The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), once a supporter of Israel, now takes a considerably less supportive stance, endorsing BDS and criticizing Israel as an apartheid regime.
Joe Biden, in acknowledging his Zionist identity and admiration for Golda Meir, has a longstanding relationship with Israel dating back to 1973.
The video explores how a Passover seder incident in March 2002 led to the construction of a security barrier around the West Bank.
The author presents a thought experiment comparing the hypothetical existence of a group called The Jewish Vote advocating for Jewish interests in politics to the actual emergence of The Muslim Vote, which recently secured seats in the British Commons.
The text discusses the perspective of seeing Palestinian and Israeli lives as equal, pointing out issues within the Palestinian meta-narrative and the Nakba historiography.
The essay highlights the issue of corruption and financial mismanagement within Palestinian leadership, particularly the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority.
This YouTube video discusses the true motivation behind the West Bank wall despite the presence of gaps allowing thousands of Palestinians to cross daily.
The article discusses a mother's distress over her daughter being instructed to write a letter criticizing Israel for allegedly stealing land from Palestinians at their Hebrew school in Brooklyn, highlighting a broader issue of anti-Zionism in Jewish educational settings.
The essay "Pro-Palestinians: A Masturbatory Exercise in Virtue Exhibitionism" criticizes the Western pro-Palestine movement, describing it as reducing the complex Israel-Palestine conflict to a simplistic moral binary.
President Joe Biden stated that Israel has been at times uncooperative in facilitating assistance to Palestinian civilians during the Gaza conflict.
In "Israel/Palestine in World Religions: Whose Palestine?" by S. Ilan Troen, the author delves into the complexities surrounding Israel's legitimacy, discussing secular and theological perspectives.
The book "Henrietta Szold: Hadassah and the Zionist Dream" by Francine Klagsbrun delves into the life of Henrietta Szold, an influential American-born Jewish woman who founded Hadassah and played a significant role in aiding Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.
Rep. Jake Auchincloss, a prominent voice in the Democratic Party, discussed various issues including the Democratic Party's stance on Israel, antisemitism, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Hamas in a recent interview with Jewish Insider.
The essay discusses the conflict between Israel and Hamas, criticizing activists who focus solely on condemning Israel without urging Hamas to surrender, which could lead to a ceasefire and peace.
The text discusses the concept of the "Omnicause," which is the idea of various progressive causes being interconnected, such as Palestine, climate change, gender equality, and indigenous rights.
Progressives critical of President Biden's stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict have raised concerns that Donald Trump wouldn't differ significantly in his approach.
The text discusses a conversation between a Jew and a Jew-hater regarding various issues related to Israel, Palestine, and Jewish identity.
Josh Stein, a candidate for governor of North Carolina and the state's first potential Jewish governor, has been navigating the complexities of issues surrounding Israel, particularly in the wake of the conflict in Gaza.
An exploration of the effectiveness of the long-standing security barrier around the West Bank in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Armenia's decision to recognize Palestine, becoming the 145th country to do so, has sparked a diplomatic rift with Israel due to the complex history between the two nations.
Raef Zreik is an associate professor of jurisprudence at Ono Academic College in Israel, a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute, and a former member of the executive committee of Balad, a predominantly Palestinian party in Israel.
Geoffrey Levin, Assistant Professor at Emory University, discusses the overlooked history of American Jewish dissent regarding Israel in his book "Our Palestine Question: Israel and American Jewish Dissent, 1948-1978."
The author recounts an encounter with a young woman named Sophie at a tram platform, where they discuss her participation in a protest march for Palestine.
The video explores the reasons behind the Israeli left's support for the security barrier around the West Bank amid rising conflicts and terrorism.
Israel Bak, a 19th-century printer and pivotal figure in Palestine's history, played a significant role in bringing printing back to the Land of Israel after 250 years.