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Lihi Lapid, Israel's former First Lady and a successful writer, discusses her foray into politics, highlighting the caution required in choosing words carefully.
Dr. Iris Nachum discusses the life of Jacob Robinson (1889-1977), a jurist known for his advocacy for minority rights and compensation for expulsion.
The essay discusses the conflict between Israel and Hamas, criticizing activists who focus solely on condemning Israel without urging Hamas to surrender, which could lead to a ceasefire and peace.
Shaina Taub, creator of the musical "Suffs," recently quoted Rabbi Tarfon's famous Talmudic wisdom "You are not obliged to finish the work, but neither are you free to desist from it" at the Tony Awards, sparking reflection on its relevance in various contexts.
Shany Granot-Lubaton and her husband Omer Lubaton-Granot moved to New York City to escape Israeli politics, but seeing her mother protest in Tel Aviv prompted them to start a protest movement in NYC.
The article discusses the concept of the White Savior Complex within activism, particularly focusing on advocacy for Palestinians.
The author shares a personal account of losing 31 family members in Gaza due to Israeli bombardments and highlights the devastating impact of the conflict on civilian lives.
The essay discusses growing concerns among some Jewish individuals who feel the need to prepare for potential threats, such as antisemitism.
In London, a peaceful protest of 40,000 people took place demanding the release of hostages held by Hamas, showcasing a sea of Israeli flags and a stark contrast to anti-Israel sentiment often seen in the city.
The text discusses the changing landscape of antisemitism on college campuses and in American society, emphasizing the interconnected nature of the crisis.
The article discusses a recent walkout by Wing Luke museum staff in Seattle over an exhibit addressing redlining and discrimination, created by the Washington State Jewish Historical Society, the Black Heritage Society, and the Wing Luke Museum.
The essay argues that there is no progressive case for Palestinians due to the unprogressive nature of the Palestinian movement, which is depicted as violent, misogynistic, homophobic, and antidemocratic.
Despite Ms. Rachel, a popular children's entertainer on YouTube, initiating a fundraiser for Save the Children's Emergency Fund to help kids in war zones - including Gaza, which upset some Jewish and Israeli Moms for not mentioning Israeli children - the notion of selectively supporting children in need is debated among Jewish communities.
Lily Greenberg Call, a Jewish staffer who resigned from the Biden administration in protest of President Biden's support for Israel's actions in Gaza, expressed disappointment in the administration's handling of the conflict.
Nicholas Freudenberg reflects on his activism at Columbia University in 1968 and offers advice to current student activists.
Jewish college students are grappling with a range of emotions and perspectives amidst campus protests related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Hadassah Magazine recently recognized 18 women who embody Zionism in their personal and professional lives, showcasing a diverse group of Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel.
Jules Rabin, a 100-year-old Jewish activist from Vermont, protested the war in Gaza on his 100th birthday, drawing parallels between the Palestinians' situation in Gaza and the Holocaust, a view not mainstream in Jewish thought.
The essay explores the concept of cultural appropriation in relation to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Paul Auster, a celebrated author who recently passed away, was heavily influenced by Jewish literature and family heritage throughout his works, drawing inspiration from poets like Charles Reznikoff and Paul Celan.
Noa Tishby, an Israeli activist, actor, and advocate for Israel, has been actively using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to raise awareness about the recent conflicts involving Israel, such as the Israel-Hamas war and the rise of antisemitism.
In response to ongoing conflicts and the captivity of Israeli hostages, grassroots initiatives have emerged across Canada to support Israel.
The essay discusses the convergence of political and emotional turmoil experienced in the context of Israel, the Palestinians, and the Jewish community, particularly highlighted through a controversy involving an article critical of Israel in a leftist literary journal.
Franklin Foer, a writer for The Atlantic, discusses rising antisemitism affecting American Jews from both the left and the right in his article "The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending."
Effys Café, a kosher establishment on the Upper West Side, was vandalized with anti-Israel graffiti in March 2024, leading to police investigating the incident as a hate crime.