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In the movie "Treasure," Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry portray a father and daughter duo, Edek and Ruth, who embark on a journey to Poland, exploring their family's Holocaust history.
"The Forbidden Daughter" by Zipora Klein Jakob is a fictionalized Holocaust biography that delves into the multi-generational impact of trauma and loss, rather than focusing solely on the Holocaust itself.
The video explores the history of Judaism in Scandinavia from 1682 to the present day, covering topics such as early contact, Jewish immigration to Denmark and Sweden, the Dano-Jewish Golden Age, resistance efforts in Norway during World War II, and the current Jewish communities in the Nordic countries.
Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico's first female and Jewish president, has been inaccurately portraying her family's Holocaust survival story.
The author expresses frustration with the trend of publishing books with titles like "The [Blank] of Auschwitz," which she finds commodifies the Holocaust and risks making the diverse stories of individuals in Auschwitz sound the same.
The essay discusses growing concerns among some Jewish individuals who feel the need to prepare for potential threats, such as antisemitism.
Lisa and Chris Van Allsburg have established Forgotten Judaica to revive ceremonial Jewish artifacts after being inspired by synagogue visits in Europe.
The essay discusses the issue of equating hatred of Jews with Nazism, focusing on the anti-Semitic nature of hating Zionists and Israel.
Netflix's documentary series "Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial" aims to engage a younger audience by presenting the familiar topics of the Holocaust and World War II in a fresh and dramatic format.
The documentary "Diane von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge" delves into the fashion icon's legacy intertwined with her mother's Holocaust survival, tracing von Furstenberg's journey from a career slump to her Jewish identity discovery.
The author, a Roman Catholic, shares her journey of supporting Jewish friends and combatting antisemitism, including replacing the Star of Bethlehem with a Star of David as a symbol of solidarity, traveling to Israel to witness the impact of terrorist attacks, and emphasizing the importance of standing with Jewish people against hatred.
Mexico recently elected its first president of Jewish descent, Claudia Sheinbaum, marking a significant moment both for Mexico and the Jewish community.
The article discusses how the Dallas Mavericks' jerseys in the NBA playoffs have drawn comparisons to the graphic novel "Maus" by Art Spiegelman due to a visual resemblance between the team name and the word "Mavs."
"The Boy in the Woods" is a poignant film directed by Rebecca Snow, based on the memoir of Holocaust survivor Maxwell Smart, highlighting themes of resilience and remembrance.
Mayer Kirshenblatt, an artist born in Opatw in 1916 and later settled in Toronto, vividly painted over 300 scenes of Jewish life in the shtetl, including everyday activities and taboo subjects, before the Holocaust.
"Hitler and the Nazis" is a six-part documentary series by Joe Berlinger that explores Hitler's rise, the development of the Final Solution, and the aftermath of the Nuremberg trials using colorized archival footage, along with audio recordings and expert commentary.
The author reflects on the personal significance of the 80th anniversary of D-Day, highlighting how the Allied landing on June 6, 1944, saved their Jewish family in France from Nazi deportation and likely death.
The essay addresses the emergence of a new form of antisemitism that uses false equivalencies and distortions to paint Jews in a negative light.
The text discusses the importance of Holocaust education in the United States, highlighting the lack of knowledge among Americans regarding the Holocaust.
Thomas Kail, known for directing musicals like "In the Heights" and "Hamilton," as well as the TV show "Fosse/Verdon," recently worked on the Hulu series "We Were the Lucky Ones," a story of Jewish survival during the Holocaust.
The new streaming series "Kafka," available on ChaiFlicks, delves into the life of Jewish Bohemian author Franz Kafka, exploring his relationships, struggles, and Jewish identity.
The author reflects on her experience as a student at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in the early 1970s, where she found an unexpected mentor in Louis G. Cowan, a prominent figure in media and television production.
The video explores how Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios and a prominent figure in Hollywood, saved over 1,000 Jews from the Holocaust by using his influence and challenging antisemitism and immigration policies in America during the rise of Nazi Germany.
"The Commandants Shadow" is a new documentary that delves into the lives of the children of Rudolf Hss, the Nazi commandant of Auschwitz, exploring what they knew about the Holocaust.
Malik Akram, a 44-year-old armed with a pistol, held Rabbi Cytron Walker and three others hostage in a Texas synagogue, demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.