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Onions have played a significant role in human history and remain a versatile and widely used vegetable today.
This collection of eight exciting spring recipes featuring asparagus offers a variety of options for incorporating this seasonal vegetable into delicious dishes.
This recipe is for a crushed new potato and asparagus salad that can be made vegan by substituting ricotta with vegan cheese or tofu and using date syrup instead of honey in the dressing.
The text discusses the author's experience with baking challah and how they lost their motivation for it over the past year.
This recipe guides you in making asparagus and goat's cheese pancakes.
This recipe for herbed butter biscuits with za'atar offers a unique twist on a classic treat, combining buttery flavors with a salty-sweet taste.
This text provides a recipe for "Fattat hummus," a dish consisting of crispy pita and chickpea salad.
This recipe features rose malabi, a creamy pudding infused with rose water that is popular in the Middle East, with a twist of beetroot syrup.
This recipe features zaatar chicken served with hummus, pine nuts, and pomegranate.
The video demonstrates how to make chocolate rugelach and is part of a series of kosher recipes from Chabad.org.
The video demonstrates how to prepare a unique challah recipe with a pretzel twist for Shabbat.
This recipe, featured on Fabienne's Home Cooking, provides a simple and versatile way to make lamb and beef arayes using various minced meats.
The article discusses the different approaches to meal planning and preparation between two sisters, one who meticulously plans a weekly menu and another who faces the challenge of last-minute cooking for weeknight dinners.
Carmel Fitzrovia offers fantastic flatbread with sourdough, matbucha, burrata, and chilli honey, creating a flavorful experience in a bustling yet intimate restaurant setting.
The recipe described is for asparagus with a jammy egg and pickle dressing, based on the French sauce gribiche.
Louis Mann shares a recipe for a flavorful cock-a-leekie chicken dish paired with a warm pearl barley salad instead of the traditional prunes.
This recipe presents a modern twist on the traditional Polish babka, a dessert that originated in Eastern European Jewish communities in the 19th century.
The text discusses the importance of uplifting voices of peace amidst the conflict in Israel and Gaza, highlighting the need to move the conversation towards empathy, peace, and hope.
Shlissel challah, a tradition for the first Shabbat after Pesach, involves baking a challah shaped like a key or containing a hidden key symbolizing good fortune and blessings.
The text describes a recipe for Tunisian Fricass, a savory dish made with Tunisian fried bread doughnuts filled with tuna salad, often served at family celebrations.
Mofleta, also known as Mimouna pancakes, are traditional hand-formed yeasted crepes enjoyed by Moroccan Jews.
This text provides a recipe for smoky aubergine, chili, and feta pizzas by chefs Omer and Daniel from The Alena restaurant at The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv.
This article presents a variety of creative ways to incorporate matzah into delicious Pesach recipes beyond the traditional buttered or charoset-topped slice.
This recipe provides a versatile and quick-to-make option for a Pesach meal, a cheesy vegetable frittata that can help make use of various leftover vegetables found in the fridge, such as broccoli, cauliflower, or roast potatoes.
The recipe provides instructions for making a Passover Panzanella salad with matzah brei croutons.