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The Biden administration has imposed sanctions on Tsav 9, an Israeli group accused of obstructing humanitarian aid convoys bound for Gaza.
As clashes between Israel and Hezbollah intensify in the north, residents of Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border have endured ongoing rocket attacks, forcing many to evacuate and leaving the city bruised and empty.
Bernie Farber, the former founding chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), stepped down shortly after the organization remained silent in the wake of Hamas-related antisemitic acts in Canada on Oct. 7, 2023.
The text discusses how mainstream media and social media often manipulate Israeli-Palestinian opinions by crafting narratives that maximize attention and outrage, with a focus on what is not covered or omitted, rather than outright lies.
Operation Arnon has been lauded as a bold rescue mission by Israel, showcasing their commitment to saving citizens in captivity.
Vandals targeted the home of a Jewish museum director in Brooklyn, painting a red inverted triangle on her property, a symbol historically used by Hamas to mark Israeli targets.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her initial misjudgment of the response to antisemitism after witnessing the rescue of hostages in Israel by researching and creating a documentary called "Screams Before Silence" about the sexual violence inflicted on the captives.
Sheryl Sandberg reflects on her awakening to the rise of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments in progressive circles following the rescue of hostages held by Hamas.
The article discusses the question of whether it is antisemitic to protest against Hillel, specifically focusing on a recent demonstration outside the Hillel at Baruch College in Manhattan.
The Future of Jewish newsletter delves into the complex nature of Hamas, highlighting not only its genocidal and antisemitic tendencies but also shedding light on its underlying structure as a lucrative business entity fueled by corruption and terrorism.
As ceasefire talks in Gaza progress, Israel faces a crucial moment to demonstrate its commitment to negotiating sincerely.
The New York City Council is considering a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza to promote peace and safety for all.
Anti-Israel activists targeted the Nova music festival exhibition in Lower Manhattan for protest, led by the group Within Our Lifetime.
Following recent anti-Israel student activities at American universities including Columbia and UCLA, the author highlights a concerning rise in organized anti-Israel activism on university campuses, with protesters endorsing Hamas and Hezbollah and defacing property with anti-Zionist messages.
The text discusses the challenges Israel faces in achieving a so-called "total victory" over Hamas and other adversaries due to complex geopolitics and international dynamics.
The Washington Post has been criticized for its reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specifically in a recent article that omitted key details about the captivity of Israeli hostages by Hamas.
The successful rescue operation of four hostages in Gaza posed a dilemma for Israeli security forces, who now face the challenge of rescuing the remaining captives.
The article argues against rewarding Palestinian terror with a state, highlighting how recent events have eroded support for a two-state solution in Israel.
The essay discusses growing concerns among some Jewish individuals who feel the need to prepare for potential threats, such as antisemitism.
Benny Gantz, a key figure in the Israeli war cabinet, has resigned, leading to speculation on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will survive politically.
The article discusses the media's complicity in perpetuating biased narratives regarding the recent events in Gaza, particularly focusing on Hamas's strategy of using civilians as human shields and sacrificing them for their own gain.
Two wars are being waged by Hamas against Israel - a physical one and a significant information war online, discussed by online personality Destiny during a conversation on the impact of misinformation on global public opinion.
Over a dramatic weekend in Israel, the IDF successfully rescued four hostages in Gaza, generating euphoria followed by mourning for a fallen officer.
Benny Gantz's departure from the coalition government has raised questions about the future of Israeli politics, particularly regarding the decisions to be made in the aftermath of the recent conflict and potential conflicts in Gaza and Lebanon.
Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz has resigned from Israel's war cabinet, signaling a potential challenge to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership amid crumbling unity in response to the war against Hamas.