"Safer in the Streets, Volume 2" is a zine created by a collective of cartoonists in response to the Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd's murder and, more recently, the protests against the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
81 Leonard Gallery in Tribeca is hosting an exhibition titled "Artists on Antisemitism," featuring 38 pieces by 21 artists exploring contemporary and historical hatred of Jews.
Andr (born Andras) Steiner, a Hungarian-born French Jewish photographer, is being celebrated at the City of Lights Museum of the Art and History of Judaism in Paris with an exhibition titled The Body: From Desire to Transcendence.
English National Ballet's unique production of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall is performed in the round, offering a fresh perspective for viewers with the removal of traditional seating.
The text discusses the role of religion on the battlefield.
Rabbi Benjamin Yablok of Teaneck, New Jersey, holds a unique collection of Jewish historical treasures in his home, ranging from Temple times to the present day.
Menachem Weinreb, creative director at Mishpacha since 2009, combines art and spirituality, often engrossed in Kabbalah texts with chocolate nearby.
The article captures scenes from the Stephen Sondheim estate sale, where attendees interact with and bid on items from the legendary composer's collection.
Shaina Taub, the creator of the Broadway show "Suffs," referenced a Jewish text in her Tony Awards acceptance speech for best book of a musical and best original score.
An exhibition titled "From Erosion to Hope" in Israel features 90 artists reimagining the national flag using worn-out flags from the Arava Desert, symbolizing the nation's heartbreak, fear, and hope amidst ongoing crises and wars.
The text discusses the controversy surrounding the inclusion of Israeli artists at The 60th Art Biennale di Venezia and the criticism faced by Israeli artist Ruth Patir, whose work addressing attacks in Israel was deemed unwelcome by some due to political considerations.
The text discusses the contrast between Michelangelo's spiritual journey towards the end of his life, marked by introspection and a realization of potentially misplaced priorities in his art, and Moses' unwavering dedication to his mission until his last breath as depicted in Jewish Midrash.
Peggy Guggenheim, renowned art collector, led a fascinating life from socialite to bohemian before solidifying her legacy in Venice.
Morrie Markoff, a Jewish supercentenarian born to Jewish parents in New York City in 1914, passed away at 110 in Los Angeles.
Lisa and Chris Van Allsburg have established Forgotten Judaica to revive ceremonial Jewish artifacts after being inspired by synagogue visits in Europe.
The text explores the theme of broken dolls as a metaphor for personal and societal struggles, focusing on the history of doll hospitals founded by Jewish immigrants in the US at the turn of the 20th century and in modern times.
Kesher Israel Congregation, a prominent Modern Orthodox synagogue in Washington, D.C., is embarking on a substantial renovation and expansion project for its building, which has not been updated since 1931.
The article discusses the challenge of illustrating the Book of Ruth, focusing not on the plot but on the theme of redemption.
The article discusses a celebration of the 120th anniversary of British choreographer Frederick Ashton, known for his significant contributions to the Royal Ballet and his distinctive English style of ballet.
The artistic director at the Arlekin Players Theatre company in Massachusetts is directing a modernized adaptation of the century-old Jewish play "The Dybbuk" at Vilna Shul in Boston.
"How to Eat an Orange" is a thought-provoking play by Catherine Filloux that delves into the story of Argentinean artist-activist Claudia Bernardi.
"How to Eat an Orange" is a thought-provoking play by Catherine Filloux that delves into the life of artist-activist Claudia Bernardi and her response to atrocities.
Mayer Kirshenblatt, an artist born in Opatw in 1916 and later settled in Toronto, vividly painted over 300 scenes of Jewish life in the shtetl, including everyday activities and taboo subjects, before the Holocaust.
Joe Schein, a 1937 Princeton University graduate and one of only 11 Jewish students in his class, passed away at 109.
The text discusses the life of Count Moise de Camondo, a wealthy Jewish collector and banker in 19th century Europe.

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