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Michael Rafidi, a Palestinian-American chef, won the Outstanding Chef award at the 2024 James Beard Awards, dedicating his win to Palestine.
Elliott Abrams discusses the rise of American Jewish anti-Zionists who have joined anti-Israel protests, attributing their views to a deeper rejection of Israel as a moral burden on the Jewish conscience rather than mere disagreements with Israeli policies or leaders.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared Eden Golan Day at a United Hatzalah gala fundraiser in Manhattan, honoring the Israeli singer who participated in Eurovision and performed at the event.
Jewish U.S. Army Major Harrison Mann recently resigned in protest of U.S. support for Israel's actions in the war against Hamas in Gaza, drawing on his family's Holocaust history and moral principles.
A summary of the covert collaboration between Israel and Saudi Arabia over decades, detailing their shared efforts in conflicts like Yemeni civil war and Gulf War, their mutual need to counter Iran, and the potential for a future official alliance despite public hostilities.
The Rana Choir, the only Arab-Jewish women's choir in Israel, has faced significant challenges due to the aftermath of the war and a Hamas attack.
The text discusses allegations and controversies surrounding Sean "Diddy" Combs and Hunter Biden.
President Biden and the Democratic Party are facing political challenges, especially in light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and upcoming elections.
The article discusses how Hamas' decision regarding President Biden's ceasefire proposal could greatly impact Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future.
Israel is considering a ceasefire proposal, involving staged releases of hostages and prisoner exchanges with Hamas, brokered through the Qataris and supported by Joe Biden.
European student activists, inspired by the United States, have been successful in urging their universities to divest from Israeli-linked companies or boycott Israeli institutions due to concerns related to Israel's actions in Gaza.
Congressman Ro Khanna, a prominent progressive voice in Democratic foreign policy, represents California's 17th district.
State Democratic conventions in places like Duluth, Minnesota; Bangor, Maine; and Jamestown, North Carolina have seen anti-Israel activists protesting and pushing for resolutions regarding the conflict in Gaza.
President Joe Biden delivered a speech outlining a proposed deal to end the Gaza war, putting pressure on both Hamas and Israel to accept it.
The text discusses the complex nature of US policy towards Israel in the context of the conflict with Palestine.
Maldives has announced that it will prevent Israeli passport holders from entering the country in protest of Israel's military actions in Gaza.
During New York's annual Israel Parade, the traditional festive atmosphere was replaced by chants of "Bring them home" in a show of solidarity for hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.
President Joe Biden delivered a speech addressing the Gaza War, emphasizing the need for a three-stage plan proposed by Israel to end the conflict, return hostages, secure borders, and rebuild Gaza.
The NYPD will enhance security for an upcoming Israel parade in New York City amid tensions related to the Gaza war and increased antisemitism, deploying various measures including drones, canine units, and mounted police.
In a series of letters to the editor, various authors discuss different aspects related to Jewish issues.
The International Atomic Energy Agency revealed that Iran has accumulated enough uranium for three nuclear bombs, enriching it to almost weapons-grade during distractions like conflicts in Gaza.
Israeli national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi predicts that the conflict with Hamas in Gaza will continue until the end of the year, aiming for the destruction of Hamas' governing and military capabilities.
In a recent episode of Israel Policy Pod, the focus is on the challenges facing UNRWA and the need for reform following the conflict in Gaza and events on October 7.
The text discusses Israel's struggle in the international public relations sphere amid conflicts with Hamas in Gaza.
Rabbi Delphine Horveilleur, an influential French Jewish figure, reflects on the vulnerability felt by Diaspora Jews after recent attacks and the war in Gaza, noting a sense of brokenness even in Israel.