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In this piece, the hypothetical speech Netanyahu should deliver in Congress is outlined, drawing parallels to the leadership examples set by Moses, George Washington, and Joe Biden.
The article reflects on the story of Balak and Bilaam, highlighting how even intended curses can be turned into blessings by Hashem.
Joe Biden has addressed the American people multiple times following the recent assassination attempt, raising questions about the purpose and need for unity amidst the political climate as Donald Trump prepares for the Republican National Convention.
The text discusses the resilience displayed by Israelis in the face of tragedy, particularly following the October 7th Hamas-led attacks.
Over a thousand Jews from various UK communities gathered at the Weekend of Inspiration in London, Manchester, and Leeds, receiving support and unity messages from Israeli speakers.
Rabbi Doron Perez's book "The Jewish State: From Opposition to Opportunity" explores the rise of anti-Zionism and offers solutions for Israel to serve as a positive influence globally while promoting Jewish unity.
Samuel G. Freedman, a Professor of Journalism at Columbia, delves into the topic of Jewish infighting, division, and unity in a 2020 discussion featured on the 18Forty Podcast.
Amidst ongoing debates of American Jews criticizing Israel, the historical backdrop of internal Jewish disagreements, from ancient times to modern conflicts, is highlighted as a reminder of persistent divisions.
The discussion explores the theme of loneliness, empathy, and unity in the context of the Talmudic story of Choni and the weekly Torah portion Metzora.
Holocaust survivors Jacob and Hedy Weiss, along with NYC Council members, participated in a model Passover seder to promote unity and solidarity amidst heightened tensions.
The author reflects on his 130 days of IDF reserve service in northern Israel, highlighting his unlikely friendship with a fellow soldier, Motti, despite their diverse political and religious views.
The text highlights a situation where a Charedi individual received a video from their employer depicting unity, but found it offensive due to the contrast between those serving in the army reserves, sacrificing time away from family, and those not participating in such service.
The article discusses the concept of Jews as a historically lonely people and how this loneliness has manifested throughout history, both in Israel and the diaspora.
The author recounts losing and finding a precious Magen David, a symbol with deep personal and historical significance tied to the Holocaust experiences of their parents.
Jewish students at Cornell University share their experiences in the aftermath of a conflict in Israel, detailing instances of antisemitism on campus.
The Clean Speech Project, a collaborative effort by Seed and GIFT, is promoting positive speech and unity within the community by raising awareness of Jewish laws regarding negative speech (loshon hora).
A Jewish woman, known for her adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" featuring a female Shylock, recounts facing increased police interactions due to the play's success and her outspokenness against antisemitism, misogyny, and bullying.
The diary entries of an IDF soldier reflect on the ongoing war, sacrifices, and experiences in Gaza over the course of four months.
In this episode of Home Front, the hosts discuss how the United States, although a good friend, may not have a complete understanding of the situation on the ground.
Despite facing numerous conflicts and challenges throughout their existence, Israelis maintain an unwavering optimism.
This article explores the reasons why Jews are divided by politics and religion.
During Israel's 2023 war, an unprecedented display of chesed, ahavat Yisrael, and achdut was seen globally, with Jews from diverse backgrounds coming together to support one another.
In the wake of the war in Israel, individuals and communities across the Jewish diaspora unite to support soldiers and civilians in Israel.
This article shares the story of Bentzi Goldman, who owns a delivery company and decided to use his company to help Israeli soldiers during the war.
Despite initial national unity following the recent conflict in Israel, a ceasefire has led to a fraying of this unity.