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A group of Wikipedia editors and administrators criticized the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for its reliability on issues related to Israel, Zionism, antisemitism, and hate symbols.
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), once a supporter of Israel, now takes a considerably less supportive stance, endorsing BDS and criticizing Israel as an apartheid regime.
Gabrielle Zevin's novel "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow," a bestseller for two years, recently faced controversy due to accusations from pro-Palestinian circles labeling her as a Zionist, sparking debates on boycotting her work.
The text discusses the concept of messianic Zionism, highlighting its importance and positive impact.
Dr. Tal Becker, a prominent expert on Israeli legal and diplomatic affairs, recently defended Israel against accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has implemented new rules to combat antisemitism by prohibiting users from using terms like "Zionist" as a substitute for "Jew" or "Israeli" to spread hate speech.
Tasha Kaminsky, a ceasefire activist, was hired as the director of development at Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School in St. Louis, but her offer was rescinded due to a campaign against her views on Israel.
A discussion between David Hazony and Eylon Levy explores the global rise of anti-Semitism, the challenges facing the Jewish community, and the importance of recognizing and combating hatred in the modern world.
A 12-year-old Jewish girl in Courbevoie, France, was brutally attacked and raped by boys of the same age who discovered her true identity after she had been concealing it as advised by her parents due to school pressures.
Camp Massad, an American Hebrew summer camp, was a unique educational experiment from the 1940s to the 1980s that aimed to immerse campers in Hebrew language and Zionist ideals.
In the "Letters, Summer 2024" section, David Lobron praises Maya Arad's novella "The Hebrew Teacher," likening it to Vladimir Nabokov's work and highlighting the depiction of marginalized characters in academia.
The Democratic Socialists of America revoked their conditional support for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez due to her stance on Zionism, highlighting how leftist groups prioritize anti-Zionist criteria over meaningful political engagement.
The Muslim Vote, a new organization that recently gained significant wins in the UK general election, highlights growing concerns over antisemitism and intolerance, particularly towards Jewish students and supporters of Israel.
Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin's book "Todaat Mishnah, Todaat Mikra" delves into the Kabbalistic community of Safed in the 16th century, highlighting how its members viewed their mission as reenacting the concept of galut (exile) as a pathway to redemption for both the Jewish people and the world.
Miriam Herschlag and Noah Efron discuss two significant topics, including the IDF allowing "God will avenge his blood" on military gravestones for the first time and the introduction of a line of Heroes of Israel action figures featuring IDF soldiers for children.
The text discusses the complex history of Arab-Jewish identity, highlighting how political changes in the mid-20th century, including the creation of the State of Israel and the rise of exclusivist Arab nationalism, led to the exodus of the majority of Jews from the Arab Middle East and North Africa to Israel.
The text discusses the "over-romanticism of Israel" that some people fall into, highlighting how Israel is often idealized beyond its complex realities, including internal socio-political challenges, geopolitical issues, and the diverse population's daily lives.
The article highlights the current challenges faced by Israel and the Jewish community, emphasizing the importance of recommitting to Jewish pride and Zionism in the face of increasing hostility and antisemitism.
Renowned Chabad speaker Rabbi YY Jacobson discusses the revolutionary impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Judaism in the 18Forty Podcast.
In "Israel/Palestine in World Religions: Whose Palestine?" by S. Ilan Troen, the author delves into the complexities surrounding Israel's legitimacy, discussing secular and theological perspectives.
In response to increased tensions surrounding Zionism and Israel, Camp Ramah in New England made a firm decision to not rehire a counselor who identified as anti-Zionist.
The article addresses the privilege of Jewish anti-Zionists in America who criticize Zionism while benefiting from the safety and opportunities provided by the United States, which their ancestors accessed before restrictive immigration policies were implemented.
The text delves into the complexities of Jewish identity, particularly for converts and those with roots in Arab lands.
The book "Henrietta Szold: Hadassah and the Zionist Dream" by Francine Klagsbrun delves into the life of Henrietta Szold, an influential American-born Jewish woman who founded Hadassah and played a significant role in aiding Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.
After internal discord over Israel, the Reconstructionist movement has reasserted its backing for progressive Zionism and a two-state solution, emphasizing its support for Israel's existence and a Palestinian state.